Three Ways to Snazz Up an Outfit

June 10, 2014·

Blouse: Renee C “Vancouver Tribal Print V-Neck Blouse” / Stitch Fix (similar) | White Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy | Denim Vest: Old NavyHeels: C. Wonder c/o | Clutch: Urban Expressions / Stitch Fix (similar) | Necklace: Caroline G. Shop c/o (similar) | Earrings: C. Wonder c/o

Photography by the amazing Em Grey Photography

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, it’s that there are a few REALLY simple things you can do to really snazz up an outfit. There are certainly more than three ways to do it, but today, I figured I’d just share three simple ways. I, of all people, TOTALLY understand how difficult it can be to get “dressed” in the morning.

When I’m running on little to no sleep and I’m just exhausted and worn out, I find it difficult to get motivated to put myself together. But, the moment I kick myself in the rear and do it, I instantly feel better.

So, are you feeling the same way? And, because I’m on a list-making kick recently… here are three totally simple ways to jazz or snazz up your outfit and instantly make you feel more put together:

White boyfriend jeans, aztec printed top, denim vest, blue heels


1. A “completer” piece. This one is straight out of the Clinton Kelly / Stacy London rule book (I’ve mentioned before when I met Stacy London and was TOTALLY without a completer piece)… but a completer piece really makes an outfit. Whether it’s a blazer, a denim jacket, a structured jacket, or even a denim vest… a piece like that can really bring it all together.

Sure, this outfit would be fine without the denim vest, but the vest brings some structure and balance to the whole thing making it look more put together. The darker blue of the denim also helps to offset the bright white of the pants!

White boyfriend jeans, aztec printed top, denim vest, blue heels White boyfriend jeans, aztec printed top, denim vest, blue heels

2.  A colorful shoe. I will admit, I’m not really a “shoe” girl. I’m more of a bag girl… I’m a sucker for a cute bag. Most of my shoes are pretty simple and basic. BUT, every once in a while I find a pair of shoes that makes me fall in love. These blue heels are it. I’ve worn them SO MUCH lately… and they are SO comfortable (and this is coming from a girl who does NOT love heels).

But, the right pop of color in a shoe can TOTALLY make an outfit go from blech to WHOA! For instance, in this look, I just took some of the cobalt blue in the top and pulled it out with the cobalt in the shoe. Sure, I could have worn brown boots or flats and they would have been fine, but the blue heels really make the outfit pop.White boyfriend jeans, aztec printed top, denim vest, blue heels White boyfriend jeans, aztec printed top, denim vest, blue heels

3. A statement piece. Now, this could be a general statement necklace like I am wearing here OR it could even be a statement beauty look… like a bold red lip color! Or, heck, it could be both! I sure did! 🙂

By throwing in a statement piece like a necklace or lip color, you’re able to really add that extra OOMPH to the outfit that might otherwise be missing. For me, I just always feel a little more polished when I’m wearing a fun necklace or a bright lip color. White boyfriend jeans, aztec printed top, denim vest, blue heelsWhat about you? What things do YOU do to make you feel more put together? What tips or tricks would you share for those days when you’re struggling to get ready?