July Stitch Fix Review (What I Got & What I’m Keeping!)

July 16, 2014·

*This is not a sponsored post. This post does contain a referral link, so if you sign up to try out Stitch Fix, I will receive a credit towards my next fix, but that’s it. 🙂

I’m back for my monthly Stitch Fix review!

I actually scheduled my fix to come earlier in the month this month because I knew the end of the month would be a little hectic with some events and stuff going on… annnnnnd I really just wanted to get another fix sooner because I love Stitch Fix so much!

SPOILER ALERT: this MAY be my favorite fix yet. I kept everything! WOOP! WOOP! 

Now, like every Stitch Fix review that I’ve done, I will share what I got, what I thought of the item (fit, style, size, material, quality, price, etc.) and whether or not I kept it. Since I’ve already told you I kept everything, I won’t need to tell you that after each item. 🙂 And, as always, I share pictures taken as I try the items on so that I can give you my first impression! I also WANTED to take them in my backyard, but it has been raining every chance I’ve had, so inside it was. I hope that’s okay.

This particular fix I requested a lot of “flowy” tanks. Even though I don’t love my arms, I have been wanting to find some cute, flowy tanks that I can throw a cardigan or denim jacket overtop of. So, with that in mind, here is my July fix:

Le Sample “Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank” – Size XL – $48

Stitch Fix Le Sample "Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank"

I audibly gasped when I saw this top in my fix. It’s EXACTLY my style. It’s the right amount of flowy, the embroidery on the front is SO cute, it’s pink and green (two of my favorite colors), it’s REALLY flattering on, and it’s really comfortable. It’s a stretchy jersey material, but it doesn’t feel hot or heavy.

I just absolutely adore this top. So. Much. It’s not the MOST versatile piece in the bunch, but it can definitely be worn many different ways!

Pomelo “Rosa Alternating Pave Chain Link Bracelet – $34

Stitch Fix Pomelo "Rosa Alternating Pave Chain Link Bracelet

Self-explanatory… SUPER cute pave link bracelet. Goes with everything. Not overly massive. I’ve already gotten a ton of compliments on it when I’ve worn it. Easy “yes”!

Collective Concepts “Jayde Layered Floral Print Tank” – Size XL – $54

Stitch Fix Collective Concepts "Jayde Layered Floral Print Tank"

Now, I was not sure about this top when I pulled it out of the box. It is not my typical style AT ALL. It’s definitely not something I would have ever grabbed off of a rack if I’d seen it. But, as always, I will give anything a try.

And I am SO glad that I did. I LOVE this tank so much! It’s so flowy (how many times can I say flowy in one post?), the colors are flattering, I love the racerback style, and the “layered” look of it is adorable on. The fabric feels lightweight but sturdy. The “underside” layer is a jersey knit material that’s really soft. I’ve worn this a few times already!

41Hawthorn “Natasha Front Pocket Sleeveless Blouse” – Size XL – $54

Stitch Fix 41Hawthorn "Natasha Front Pocket Sleeveless Blouse"

I really wish I could explain the material of this top to you… but it’s hard to explain. It’s cotton, but it’s got like a funky texture to it. I really don’t know that there’s a way to properly verbalize it. It’s not a bad funky texture, it’s just definitely a texture. The shirt is a little sheer, but I don’t mind that at all. I love the front pocket detailing and I love that it’s loose fitting.

The red color is also awesome because I actually have been on the hunt for a sleeveless red layering top! I can already think of about 20 different ways to wear it. It’s easily the most versatile piece in this fix.

I did think the price was a little steep for the simplicity of the blouse, but with the buy all discount, it was actually cheaper to keep it than to send it back.

Loveappella “Odela Tie-Die Chevron Maxi Skirt” – Size XL – $68

Stitch Fix Loveappella "Odela Tie-Die Chevron Maxi Skirt"

I absolutely love this maxi skirt! I specifically asked for a fun, printed maxi and they definitely delivered. The material is really soft and really lightweight. It’s also a great skirt that I think will transition well into the fall! There are a lot of colors I can wear with it on top… so it’s versatile enough to be worn many different ways.

The skirt is definitely too long, but I don’t mind taking it to the tailor to get it hemmed. To me, it’s worth it to get an item you really love tailored. Plus, the tailor near my house is awesome, cheap, and fast.


I LOVED this fix. This is up there with my second fix! If you keep everything in the fix, you get a 25% discount… so that made this fix even sweeter.

I’ve found it’s SO important to be REALLY specific in your feedback and really specific with what you’re looking for… I also am keeping my “style profile” updated with different sizes, wants, likes, dislikes, etc. I’ve already got my August fix scheduled! I can’t wait!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? What pieces have you gotten that you’ve really liked? Share a link to your Stitch Fix review, if you have one, in the comments!