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  1. I love that your family is your perfect accessory! For me it would be my son… Even on my worst hair day, or after a night with no sleep when I have him in my arms smiling at me. I feel perfect! Nothing could improve on that moment.

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  3. “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

    Who doesn’t love a good Annie reference?

    Thanks for the reminder to stay focused on the things that count!

  4. Thank you, as always, for being real, Molly! I can totally relate to feeling contemplative lately. For me, it’s a combo of my husband turning 29 last week (are we really almost 30?!), some friends going through some difficult stuff, starting to think about planning for growing our family of 2, and a study of the book of James that has me seriously inventorying my life and my own “accessories.” My perfect accessory is definitely my husband. He is an incredible man, and I am awed as I have had the privilege of watching him grow in his walk with the Lord over the last 5 years. He encourages me, inspires me, motivates me, and has made me grow like I never have before. Not to mention, he is great eye candy! 😉 Thanks for letting us in on a glimpse of your life – I love reading about women I can relate to!

  5. You actually made my entire day! You are right on. It can be stressful with social media and looking at what others have but true happiness is within! Our families and friends are the true blessings, not all the accessories:) I was worried about taking a few days off from blogging this week to unplug and just be with my family. Stopping by your blog today reinforces that my husband and I need to unplug and simply enjoy our children!!! Life is too precious! You are adorable!


  6. I love this blog post especially since I’m doing a 6 day spiritual and physical detox. It’s important for us to take inventory of the intangible things such as our health, love, family and quality moments. That’s the things that matter that we sometimes overlook and take for granted, thanks for sharing, this post really set a food tone for my day 🙂

  7. Great post Molly! It’s actually been one of those weeks for us too. Sad news for several friends which just makes you stop, take stock, and feel grateful. I think it’s important to take a regular inventory to see how we are doing as followers of Christ. I know often think about making sure my blog reflects my beliefs. Happy Monday!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  8. You’re making complete sense, Molly! It’s funny because I feel like you took the words right out of my mouth. I’ve been very “contemplative” lately as well and evaluating my priorities and how I can serve Him better thru different aspects of my life. Thanks for this post and love the vibrant colors on you! ~Cynthia

  9. I’m often wondering the same thing and try to keep everything in perspective and appreciate each and every day. Such a great way to start the week! Thanks for hosting the link up!


  10. Thank you for the lovely message today Molly. I often feel that blogging is so frivolous, but I have connected with so many amazing women through my blog. As long as I am glorifying God, I will continue. Blessings! Susan

  11. As moms (and bloggers) we are always assessing ourselves, and wondering these same things. It sounds like you have great perspective. You are doing an amazing job! Thank you so much for hosting the link up and featuring us. We hope you have a great week!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  12. Molly you’re such a sweetheart and always seem so cheerful (the gorgeous colours in your outfit testify to that!!) but it’s reassuring to know that the best of us sometimes struggle with everyday life (NOT that I’m wishing struggles on you of course). I’m so glad to hear you’re in a happy place now… I similarly look back at a year ago when I was at breaking point with my old job – leaving it to go full time with the blog was the best thing I ever did – but it was so scary at the time!

    Aaaaaaaaanyway here’s to a positive start to the week: thank you for brightening my Monday morning with that killer colourful outfit!! And thanks as always for being a lovely host 🙂

    Catherine x

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