A Lilly Pulitzer Themed First Birthday Party (1)


  1. SO CUTE! Love this theme! And it turned out great… of course your photography makes it look wonderful as well! Hope she had a great birthday! I am getting so nervous about getting my son’s together on time. Any tips or advice?

  2. I’m absolutely obsessed with your party decor/theme! Love the cake with the quatrefoil topper – too cute! Thanks so much for sharing and happy birthday to Lilly!

  3. Happy 1st Birthday to Lilly! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos 🙂 Everyone did a fantastic job making the decorations – that cake doe 😉 – and I can’t wait for those tasty recipes! I can’t say that I’ve planned any parties lately … my daughter turned 17 on July 4th and said she didn’t want a party this year. I think her favorite themed party was her Powerpuff Girls party when she turned 4.

    Anyhoo. I know it is early but do you guys have any ideas for Lilly’s Halloween costume this year? Now that my kids are ‘too old’ for that kind of thing, I’m living vicariously 😉

    Hope you’re all having a great time on vacation.

  4. Happy Birthday Lilly!! I have so enjoyed watching her 1st year- looking forward to all that is to come. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  5. how much do you love that green and gold pitcher from target?! i got it for harry’s party and am so in love with it. totally going on an open shelf in the new house!

  6. Awww, what a great party! Great theme, and all the decorations were perfect! My daughter is turning 1 in a few weeks and we’re throwing a ladybug theme…still getting stuff together, but I think it should be super cute!

  7. How absolutely fun!! The pics were just wonderful!! I’m getting ready to gear up for my little man turning 2… we did very hungry caterpillar last year, so I’m trying to pick an equally fun theme this year.

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