Red and white striped awning dress from Eshakti, denim jean vest, World Market scarf


  1. Molly this is SUCH a cute outfit!!!!!! Love the dress, the denim, the stripes… it works beautifully together. Thank you for hosting, my lovely!

    Catherine x

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  3. Thanks so much for featuring me – and two weeks in a row, what a treat! I’m glad you like my shoes (and my strawberry rhubarb pie). 🙂 Enjoying the weekly link ups. Thanks for hosting.

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  5. That top pic is so cute! I don’t have any DIYs to share, but I have some planned as soon as the bathroom is done. I also am working on hosting a baby shower and am excited to share those too! Looking forward to the birthday pictures. I know it takes a lot of work!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

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