How to Wear Gap Striped Maxi Dress Three Different Ways (10)


  1. What a versatile dress! I don’t like wearing strapless dresses either, but this one looks super comfortable and I love all the ways it can be styled!

  2. This is quite possibly the perfect strapless dress! I love that it cuts high on your chest, because it’s my little “pooch” at my armpit that drives me crazy in strapless dresses! You look great in all three styles, but I think the third is my favorite – I never would have thought about it, and it looks GREAT on you!

    My favorite multi-wear dresses are my plain black and plain navy maxis – I can wear them so many ways! With a tied up chambray or plaid shirt, with a cropped jacket, with a scarf, by itself, with pretty much any jewelry, with sandals or wedges or Toms… ah, the choices are endless! Planning on packing a few of these dresses for my upcoming trip to Thailand – I can wear the same dress a couple times with different things!

  3. I have never tried that high waisted style! Love that Molly!! Great idea to take my maxi into fall! Looking lovely! Susan

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