1. haha! I have only ever had one hole in each ear pierced. I usually stick to studs but bigger earrings are so fun! I would pick the Pi’ikea | shells green glass beads and the Kahiki | multi colored chipped stoned double silver hooped wire! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I’m like you said Molly, a little envious that I’m not creative and do not make anything really. But she certainly does create beautiful earrings and it’s been difficult just picking two but I think I would get PuPu | brown shell gold wire earrings and Polu | gold hoops green faceted glass drops. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  3. Those earrings are gorgeous! But I also don’t dare to wear dangles around my littles- my brother really did rip one of of my moms ear when he was a baby and her ear hasn’t been right ever since! So I’m basically terrified for life now haha!


  4. Love your outfit! I had several piercings too growing up but now never wear any earrings. They are very pretty though!

  5. I would get the Opua light blue faceted glass drop bead with gold wire findings and the gold hoop purple drop earrings!

  6. The Kawena pair – because they would go wonderfully with a turquoise stone necklace I got on my recent trip to Hong Kong and Omaka small pair because the copper and purple colour combination is unusual but very pretty. 🙂

  7. This post made me laugh(: I never got anything pierced, except my ears. But I did get a small tattoo in college, which I detest now. I wish someone would have warned me;) Love this top and the earrings! I hope you are having a great trip! I have enjoyed following along! Susan

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