Red jeans from Stitch Fix, Daisy floral kimono from Stitch Fix, black and white striped tee (1)


  1. I HATE jeans, but I put that aside just for colored skinnies! Aside from that….who cares if it’s on trend or not? I know that’s said over and over but still people focus on it. I never pay attention to trends or fads (and actually have a bad tendency of running in the opposite direction of fads) but that’s how we should all be. Just wear what you like. If in 4 years everyone thinks colored denim is the ugliest thing in the world and their biggest fashion regret, but I see an adorable pair of plum pants, I’m getting them. haha

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  4. I love coloured denim but I don’t have any. 🙁 There just aren’t as many options in the UK especially for tall girls. Sob.

  5. Molly I love this look! I think colored denim is just so much fun! I have never received bottoms in my Stitch Fix, because I am afraid they wont fit. I just may ask for a pair next time. These are fabulous. And I love kimonos, but have not tired one yet. I did try one on and it was way too long. I think I need a shorter version. I enjoyed following along on your trip! I am glad you had a great time! Susan

  6. Such a great mix of prints in this outfit between kimono, shirt and clutch! I have one pair of colored denim, but they are more of a spring or summer green. Am on the lookout for a pair of grey skinnies.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  7. I hope the coloured denim trend isn’t on its way out, Molly – that’s half my jeans collection gone!!! 😉

    Your red pair absolutely make this outfit – you’re right, blue denim would have been nice but not as striking. And your pattern mixing is just perfect, what a gorgeous combination! Have a lovely week and as always, thank you for being a wonderful host.

    Catherine x

  8. I do love coloured denim! This red is fabulous. I suppose my fall must haves on my post are two: merino leggings (I wear them to death coz they’re so cozy and go under everything autumn and winter-like) and my practical rain jacket for hiking, walking and other non-fashion related pursuits. I wish it was fall over here in Oz! I so prefer the cold months, but onward to an Aussie summer we go ( eeeouuw ). Enjoy and thanks so much for hosting!

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