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  2. What a great post! My intention was always to do a combination of BLW and purees.. is that even possible? She loves her purees, but she also loves eating little chunks of banana, avocado, potatoes, etc. However, she does not like to feed herself, which is funny to me because she’ll pick up anything and put it in her mouth… but if it’s food, she just stares at it.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. This was a great post! I always assumed BLW had something to do with breast milk. Now that I know what it is though I can take the expensive baby food processor off my registry and look forward to BLW with my future little one. 🙂

  4. Apparently I did this with my 6 year old without even knowing what it was. 😉 my little guy would. Not. food. At all. So around 7 months I just started giving him tiny pieces of soft foods. He loved it so off we went. 😉 He loved the freeze dried yogurt bites and chick fil a. Honestly it was so much easier and cheaper than baby food anyway.

  5. This is a great post about BLW! When I was first researching food for Weston, I was totally turned off by BLW. I was so terrified about him choking that I couldn’t imagine giving him solid food. But at about 8 months, we started giving him some softer food, and we pretty much have done exactly what you said in this post since then! I guess we partially BLW fed Weston! HAHA Who knew?!?! We still use purees for veggies sometimes, since he isn’t a huge fan, but everything else Weston eats! It’s so much easier giving them dinner and letting them go to town. 🙂

  6. I did not do BLW. I wish I did. Is it too late to start BLW on 13 months old baby because my baby wouldn’t eat any meat? 🙁
    And how many times you feed Lilly solids a day? Could you please post an example of Lilly’s daily meals? Thank you.

    1. Hey Thao!

      It’s DEFINITELY not too late to start BLW! You can start at ANY time! 🙂 Before a year, I fed her solids about 2-3x a day. Usually a banana and some fruit at breakfast and then a little snack and then dinner. Right now she eats three solid meals a day with a snack in the afternoon if she wants it.

      Breakfast is usually fruit of some kind. Then lunch can be ANYTHING. Chicken, pasta, sandwich (cut up), quesadilla, etc. Dinner is what we eat… The key to BLW is the baby eats what mom and dad eat… just in manageable bite sized portions. 🙂

    1. Hey Meghan!! I actually still nurse Lilly. From the time we introduced solids until she was about 13 months, I still nursed her 4-6x a day. Morning, twice during the day (sometimes more if needed), and before bed. Solid foods are just supposed to complement nursing, not replace it. Now that she’s a little older, I’m nursing about 3x a day… morning, before nap, and before bed. I’m just planning on letting her wean herself from nursing from there…

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