Molly's Money | Six Habits of Debt Free People


  1. Wonderful tips! And it’s not like any of them are huge revelations for me, but it’s always good to hear them again from people it’s worked for. We have been working to become debt free since we graduated college. I don’t know how realistic it will be to be *totally* debt free (no mortgage, car, or student loan payments), but we are slowly securing a future that includes a savings account and no revolving credit card debt. I will admit, though, that I HATE checking our finances. And I know it’s because I like to avoid the knowing part. Ugh. I HAVE to get better at that.

  2. I agree with monitoring your accounts. There are a bunch of free apps out there (aside from just your bank) that help track spending or monitor debt, so there really is no excuse.

  3. I used to avoid looking at our bank account because it would freak me out every time! But I’ve learned to keep much better track and I’m so much more at peace about finances because I know how much we have and I’m definitely more aware of what we are spending!

  4. Love this post! I too avoided looking at my account because I knew there was a change I’d cry if I did! I get paid monthly and its hard to get your head around! Sometimes there’s no money left at the end of the month and I wonder how I got there.
    Its a long, never ending road but I’m finding it all really intersting the more I learn.

  5. when I don’t want to spend money but want to go into shops, I walk around with my hands in my pockets. I look a little odd, but it works!

  6. great post. Such great tips. My husband is constantly watching Til Debt Do Us Part and Money Moron on tv, as well as closely monitors the bank accounts, and we aren’t even in debt! LOL. I always PLAN on budgeting out money but fail every. single. month. Even with a nicely made out spread sheet.

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