November Stitch Fix Review


  1. Oooh, girl, that vest and sweater are so fun! You always do such a great job of styling prints and patterns and rocking bold colors…I’m such a boring dresser, haha!

  2. What a great fix! I just received my second fix and reviewed it on my blog yesterday. There were hits and misses. I was a bit disappointed 🙁 But I think I’m going to try again next month as a present for my birthday!

  3. I love the Graphic Print Blouse on you Molly! You are totally right, the colors and print are so good on you!

  4. Love what you got! So cute! 🙂 I was pretty obsessed with my stylist this time too! I got a different version of those pants, and was SO CLOSE to keeping them, but didn’t. If they were less expensive, I would have kept them for sure, but they just weren’t quite worth $98 to me. Thanks for getting me so addicted to Stitch Fix. HAHAHA

  5. 1. I love your Fix posts. SURELY by now you have some awesome referral credit. I really want to do another Fix but I have yet to love one and don’t know if I want to risk with no credit on file.
    2. Do you know if you can choose your stylist? Yours seems to have nailed it.
    3. I can’t believe that top fit so wrong! That’s bizarre.

  6. I loved the pants! Haha, You can do so much! I guess I’m just crazy about prints. Loved evrything you kept and the herringbone!! OMG can I borrow it hehe 😀 Great review, so tempting to try them out! ♥

  7. I love that sweater & the vest! I totally agree with you on the pants though, for that price they’d better get worn a lot!

  8. I always love your fixes! No joke, I even included in my feedback from my last box that I pretty much love everything you end up getting.

    Anywaaaayyy, Margaret M pants are my favorite discovery from my fixes. They’re awesome. They sent me a pair of black pants with a tummy control panel (wearing them today, actually) and they have been worth every penny of that $98, I get much more wear out of them than the printed pair that I kept, but I really love both. They’ve washed and worn really well so far!

  9. Wow your stylist rocked it for you! That graphic print blouse is fabulous!! I like the pants but I would have to love them for $98. Love the “sweater thing” too!! Great Fix!!! I got my Fix last week, and thanks to you, I got the best pair of jeans I have ever owned!! I am reviewing it all next week!! Happy Wednesday! Susan

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