Right Now

November 7, 2014·

Right Now I’m…

wearing: jeans, a flannel, and my new Stitch Fix vest! I love it!
listening: to the sound of football on the TV. Happiest sound ever.
reading: The Bible. I’ve been trying to get back into a daily routine of spending time in the Word – and I’ve been doing much better lately!
watching: Football! It’s not often I get to watch the Cleveland Browns on the TV!
doing: work and responding to emails. Boring, but it’s gotta get done. 🙂
loving: my new iPhone! I finally upgraded after what felt like an eternity… and I’m LOVING my new phone so far!
hating: the silly, silly penalties the Browns keep getting. Ugh.
wishing: that every day was Friday!
wanting: it to be the weekend! I’m watching my sweet friend Dani’s daughter Elle this weekend and I can’t wait for Lilly’s first “friend” sleepover! Haha! Plus, we’re going to my sister’s house to celebrate her birthday on Saturday. It’s going to be a GREAT weekend!

What about you!? What are you doing right now?