Flannel shirt, herringbone vest, cobalt blue bag | Fall style (1)


  1. You’re the classiest lumberjack I’ve ever seen! Actually I don’t think you look like one at all. I am loving the plaid and adore the vest. Thanks for hosting the link up dear!

  2. This shirt is like the definition of plaid/tartan, so cute!! Love it styled with that vest!


  3. Molly you can’t beat a classic “lumberjack shirt”… the colours are perfect and so good for this time of year – love yours with the blue bag!

    Thank you so much for hosting – happy 1st December!

    Catherine x

  4. Hey lady! Thanks for the shout out – that was really sweet. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your little peanut 🙂 My husband always makes fun of me when I wear plaid. He’s all like, “you gonna go chop some wood?” He thinks he’s sooo funny…


  5. I have a similar vest and wear it at least twice a week. It was a great purchase! I hope you have an amazing week!! Thank you for hosting! Susan

  6. Love this “lumberjack” inspired look! I ordered the same shirt from Old Navy last week and I am still waiting for mine to arrive. I love how you styled it here!

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