White Plum leather front sweater, white denim, brown booties | fall fashion (1)


  1. Oh my gosh, Molly! That top is so much fun – I love the leather front! I’ve been SO drawn to edgier pieces lately, so I am especially loving this! And the color of the leather is just perfect 🙂

  2. Girl, I need to live where you live because it looks gorgeous outside! We have big, puffy snowflakes falling. 🙁
    You are rocking those white pants! Love it. And faux leather is my jam right now. Can’t get enough.

  3. I saw your IG post lat night and I couldn’t wait to see what you were wearing! I am in love with this top!! Gorgeous! And White Plum is one of my favorite boutiques!! I am slowly learning to take more fashion risks like print and pattern mixing. And I think I would wear faux leather too. I am hoping this top is still on their site. Lovely look Molly! Susan

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