Lace shorts, riding boots, velvet blazer, plaid top | Fall fashion (1)


  1. I haven’t been loving the warm NC weather but I have shorts almost identical to these and you definitely made me think about styling them this winter. I’m with you on the whole “winterizing summer pieces” but I usually limit that to a tank with a cardigan over it or something.

    And… on a completely unrelated note… where do you live in NC? I’m in Newton, right outside of Hickory, and I swear I saw you a few days ago at Chick dil A in Hickory. Or am I just in a wine-induced dream world?

    1. Hahaha so yes! I was totally in Newton and at Chick-fil-a last week! That was me… My in-laws live in Newton and my husband and I were visiting for Christmas… BUT, here’s the crazy thing… I told my husband about your comment and after doing some putting two and two together… we realized that you are married to one of his childhood best friends!! Hahaha tell your husband my husband is John Stillman 🙂 LOVE IT! Such a small world!

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