1. Totally agree, except for the part when you said that “Once the budget is set for the month, the budget controls you and you follow the rules of the budget”

    I agree to a certain extent. I think that everyone should feel like they are controlling the budget. So if something comes up mid month that wasn’t expect they can reassess the budget and move money around. Yes you only have X amount of dollars to spend. But if something comes up that is more important then eating out, I think it’s okay to move “funds” around to different categories to accommodate that new expense. I think it helps people to feel like it’s not set in stone and that they can change it within the perimeters of how much money they are bringing in. Did that make sense?

  2. These are great tips! The only thing I would add is keep the lines of communication open and if one of you has a concern voice it, don’t wait because a small concern can easily become a big issue! My hubby and I have been married for 17 years and are still working out our budgeting together, but with good advice like this it gets easier!

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