March Stitch Fix Review


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  2. I actually just received my March Fix and was very disappointed in it. I will hope my next fix will be an improvement. I love your first boho top the most! It’s a very pretty color.

  3. Molly I always try to guess whether you’re keeping or not before I read what you’ve written about each – I got it 100% this time! Loved the two tops you picked – and what’s better than jeans that feel like butter??!!

    Hope you’re well and thank you for hosting the link up as always 🙂

    Catherine x

  4. I think the Kye skirt is my favorite, but I get your point that it might not be as versatile. I love all the bohemian pieces your stylist picked and you look fantastic in the rich colors!

  5. Another great review and a great Fix! I’m also 5’3″, so I immediately pinned the jeans. And the blouses you kept are adorable! Your stylist made some really thoughtful choices.

  6. I love your stitch fix reviews! I am still in the process of losing baby weight but besides, you know, my health stitch fix is my motivating force! I need to lose a little bit more and then I am going to sign up!

  7. Great choices! I especially love the THML printed blouse. I also do Stitch Fix and my stylist is a Kimberly too! I wonder if there is more than one? I requested to keep Kimberly after she did a fix last Spring and have never had anyone else since. If it’s the same Kimberly (and could there really be two that are both so awesome? I think not.) I understand your love and worry that she’ll leave!

  8. Wow, love all these pieces on you and I would’ve had a hard time giving any of it back! Which is one reason, I don’t know if Stitch Fix is for me. But obviously they pick out beautiful clothes! Love that fuchsia boho blouse and those jeans look amazing on you!


    Dawn Lucy

  9. I love your Fix reviews! You get the best best printed tops!! I love all of them! I agree about paying a bit extra for denim. I would rather have 2-3 pairs of fabulous jeans than 10 pairs of average ones. Great review! Susan

  10. The fuchsia sheer top is really cute. And I wouldn’t have kept that second blouse either. Too noisy for my taste.

    Thanks for hosting the link-up and have a wonderful week!

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  11. I actually love all of the items on you! But I agree, those jeans are amazing! I get my March fix this week and am super excited! Stitch Fix is one of my favorite services. Perfect for moms who don’t have time and/or want to be pushed outside their comfort zone!!

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