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  1. I’ve totally always been a picture taker too….from as long as I can remember. The only downside to back then is having tons of pics of everyone else and none with me in them!! Was I there?? haha

  2. Molly the photo printing for each month is SUCH a great idea… I often think it’s a shame that kids today won’t grow up and have the pleasure of going through boxes of loose prints and old photo albums belonging to their parents and grandparents that I used to love doing. Let’s hope prints really make a comeback!

    Thank you for hosting my lovely, have yourself a wonderful week 🙂

    Catherine x

  3. okay this is so cool! I am a total photo person too! I never know what to do with them either and this seems like such an easy solution. Thanks so much for the feature this week!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  4. Glad to know about timeshel. I need to sign up for that service ASAP! Traci

  5. It looks really fun and I think there’s something nice about printed photos that we tend to miss out on these days! Thanks for hosting x

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