Liverpool Talullah Pant, Pixley Striped Tee, Denim Vest (1)


  1. Love this, Molly! My word for the year is growth and it is all-encompassing. I want to grow in so many areas of my life and work and relationships. I really enjoy picking a word each year!

  2. This (like most of your posts lately) have really made me think . My word for the year is “strides” or more so a phrase like “take it in strides.” Work really turned my world upside down late last year and it taught me a whole new version of faith and keeping focused on the big picture and just taking the big things like throws at you in strides and not stressing out if your figurative plate doesn’t get wiped clean every day, week, month, or even year (some of the work issues I’m handling are still persisting). To an extent, it has made me more intentional with what I pick to do, but my focus is more on taking a relaxed approach instead of a harried stressed-out approach to my tasks.

  3. I can relate to all of these! My main priority is to be more intentional in my time with the Lord right now. I am doing a bible study and the chapter we just discussed was about giving out best, but making certain things a priority and not spreading ourselves to thin. I think that intentionally giving our best time to the Lord, or spouse and our children is a great daily reminder!

  4. Good words, Molly! I’ve been trying to be more intentional for the past year actually. Make time for friends, less internet distraction, more reading, etc.. I’m with you girl! And cute outfit. 😉 Love ANY look with a vest.


    ps- I cannot believe how adorable Lily is. She gets cuter I swear. 🙂

  5. I love everything you said here. I’ve been trying to make goals like this too with my family. We’ve started going on family walks and being outside together every night when my husband gets home and it’s been amazing to see the difference disconnecting with the world and connecting with your family can make. I’m definitely not as great at it as I would like to be, but hopefully slow, small changes can make an overall bigger impact!

  6. I am a goal setter but I have never selected a word of the year. I like that idea. As our daughter gets ready to enter high school next year, I am spending every second with her that I can. She is a dancer so I spend nearly 30 hours a week with her at dance, and more than 12 hours in the car traveling to her studio and competitions. I would not trade those minutes for anything! But I have lost all sense of any time for myself. I guess I can do that when she graduates(: Susan

  7. I love the idea of having a word to live by. Lately my word has been “joy”. How can I live more joyfully?

    Meanwhile, you’re looking super fabulous! That outfit is lovely on you!


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