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  1. I always wanted to be a sports broadcaster and still have aspirations to be, even if it’s just for a day! 🙂 l love this post! Xo, Stephanie

  2. I’ve always wondered how one comes to play the oboe. I was boring and just played the piano. And I wanted to be a doctor. Yeah, that dream didn’t last too long into college.

  3. I wanted to be a broadcast journalist for a long time in late middle school through high school. Then I realized that local reporting was really depressing and decided to pursue a career in PR instead. It worked out well!


  4. My daughter is a dancer and she has always dreamed of dancing for Disney. My husband and I support her decisions (as long as her grades are great). Her goal is to dance for Disney while she attends college. She just had an event at school where they had to list their future occupation. I think she was the only one who wrote “Disney Princess”. I love it(: Susan

  5. I wanted to be in musical theatre – I even went to stage school for a year as a teenager but I knew I didn’t have enough desire or pizazz to make it! Then as an older teenager I did dream of becoming a teacher, I didn’t go a direct route and things went off course and I did teach abroad for 2 years but when I came back to Scotland things had changed and I became a professional librarian.. but as much as I like my career I don’t love it. I have realised as an adult that no matter what job I have most of my joy comes from being with the people I love and doing things with them. The thing is we never do stop growing up, we are always growing so do our desire and passion for life grow also.

  6. I wanted to be an author. And I guess I kinda sorta am with blogging. But in real life I’m a school nurse… lol. I love it! However that still small voice tugs at my heart strings to pursue authoring a book. Maybe I will some day if it’s God’s will. Great post!

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