"Should I live off my student loans?" A Reader Question | Molly's Money


  1. I agree. I had student loans that covered the cost of tuition and my rent but worked on campus for all of my “fun” throughout so I wouldn’t put myself further in debt. Just working 15-20 hours a day at minimum wage can make a huge difference!


  2. I couldn’t agree more! I used my student loans to pay for just about everything. I did work as well once I got an off campus apartment but was completely irresponsible with my money. My credit score is just now recovering from everything 11 years after graduating 🙂

  3. Personally, I used my loans to cover my big living expense (room and board on campus and rent off campus). You can still have a job and get the full college experience. I did all four years and used my earnings to pay for food, random sorority stuff, and whatever else. I wish I had been a bit more responsible and had started to pay down my loans while an undergrad. You still have plenty of time to make a dent in your debt!

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