May Stitch Fix Review


  1. You made the right choices in what you kept and what you returned. Whew, those shorts, I can’t imagine them doing well on anyone.

  2. I love your Stitch Fix reviews. The pictures are gorgeous and they are so helpful. How did you find out the last initial of your stylist? Mine is named Kimberly too and I’m curious as to whether we have the same one. I’ve only had three fixes but I love what she picks out for you! (PS: I’ll be reviewing my next Fix at

  3. I love that keyhole top but my first thought was ohhh what bra do you wear with that? Then I read your comments about it!

  4. I love that papermoon top it looks fantastic on you! I requested it in my next fix and hope i get it. I’m not a regular follower, but I love your stitch fix reviews, and your short hair looks great!

  5. I love the first look! 🙂 you look beautiful! And the earring are gorgeous! 🙂 love your blog!

  6. Shorts that hug, literally my worst nightmare. Also, the print on the blue top is gorgeous but I know exactly what you mean, when the arm holes are a mess it is better to just put it back!

  7. I love the top you kept! I also love the striped tee but think it may be a little high for my budget. You always get the best stuff!

  8. I definitely think you kept the right item!! I have such a hard time when I’m reviewing my box and I only kept one item! Truthfully, I try to limit it to one or two each time on purpose, but I don’t want people to think Stitch Fix isn’t worth it because I’m just keeping one thing! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. I love the floral top, the keyhole top and the earrings, but I certainly understand your reasons for sending them back. I love your comment about the shorts…so funny.

  10. Love that striped top, but you’re right, the price is way too high!

    I think those shorts look great on you, but I’m right there with you fit. I can’t stand it when my shorts hug my thighs too much! Summer is about comfort!

    Glitter and Grey

  11. You got some great tops! I think the shorts are flattering to you, but you have to feel comfortable in them. Love your Fix reviews! Susan

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