1. Making homemade BBQ sauce is always a good idea, I love a good plate of BBQ! Xo, Stephanie

  2. I found an amazing shirt on Pinterest. It’s the outline of NC, and the state is divided in two. The western half says mustard, and the eastern side says vinegar.

  3. There a few people from my hometown with famous barbecue sauce recipes. BBQ is a big deal where I’m from so I’ve grown up loving this stuff. I could (and do) drink it!

  4. My husband hates anything with red pepper flakes (once I accidentally
    emptied a whole bottle of it in a dish and he jokes that he’s still trying to
    put the fire out in his mouth! haha). But I showed him this recipe and he can’t
    wait to try it! I will definitely be making this, this weekend. thanks for sharing!

  5. Don’t know how you feel about butter, but next time try warming the sauce up before serving just enough to melt some butter into your sauce. I too just made eastern NC BBQ sauce for the first time not long ago

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