Real Thoughts on Grace and Gumption


  1. Molly – Everything you said is ALLLL to close to home lol.

    I’m a strong willed person, but I would often rather set aside my strong will or opinion or whatever if it meant for the greater good of a friend, or a room of people, just in the want that everyone is happy and having a good time…because hey…life is too freaking short!

    But it’s also something I’ve learned to find balance with.

    My only piece of advice… are allowed to choose those moments/times to say something….but you have to go into it knowing that the other person may be unwilling to listen or accept what you have to say, or even worse, they may lash back at you or even cut you out of their life completely…the thing is, you will have to accept that consequence fully and whole heartedly.

    I’ve made that my motto….am I willing to lose this person or completely alter our friendship (for better or worse)? If the answer is no…then I find a way to make peace with it/them. But if you are willing to accept what may happen…then move forward and say something being secure in your heart with how you feel. You just may not always like the outcome…but that’s ok…tomorrow is another day and life isn’t perfect…and we’ll lose and gain friends, but that’s just part of life 🙂


  2. This post and something I saw on facebook today has really made me think. I know exactly what you mean as I’m opinionated and yet especially when it come to my family I’m a peacekeeper. However this situation causes me massive amounts of stress and I’m trying really hard to approach it all in a more balanced way for the sake of my relationships, my stress levels and my weary head. Back to the facebook thing – I saw a post that is supposed to be humourous but to me it just seemed derogatory, my best friend posted it and normally I would just keep quiet but today I voiced (in a gentle way) my opinion that it was distasteful to both her and my sister – not that they seemed to pay much attention – but it made me feel a bit better knowing that maybe next time they will have a little think. I find the internet has desensitized people and you are right, I’d far rather pause and think and aim to be a nicer, kinder person, but also someone who spoke up for the right thing. Also Molly (I keep wanting to type Molly Moo as I have a cousin who we have always very affectionately called that – Moo for short) this is one of the reasons I read your blog.

  3. I totally relate. As I have gotten older though and more children (i have four) I feel like I care a little less with each child. I don’t mean to say I care less about people’s feelings, but if i’m not everybody’s friend that’s okay because I’m so busy being someone’s mama. Does that make any sense? I still am friendly, kind, gracious but I care very little about what that person may or may not think of me. It has taken A LONG time to get here but it’s very freeing when you can get to that point. I will definitely be praying over this for you! I think there is definitely a fine line and I hope you can get there without beating yourself up 🙂

  4. I think you can definitely have both. The number one thing for me has always been respect. If I don’t agree with something a friend has done, as long as I approach them with respect and a real concern to resolve things, I’ve always found it’s better to be honest than to let is slide in order to keep the peace. As you said, you’re always honest and I think people appreciate that even if it means there’s a bit of gumption coming out.

  5. Thank you for sharing this Molly. This is something that I think a lot of us can relate to. I too have struggled with being a people-pleaser, not wanting to upset anyone, just wanting everyone to feel comfortable and happy. There are times I leave a conversation with my mind screaming at me, asking me why I didn’t tell them how I really felt! Molly, it is SO hard to find this balance of speaking up and standing up for what you believe in, while saying it in a way that is comfortable and non-combative.

    It’s tough. I don’t know what else to say besides that. It’s something that I try to work on every day. Last night I was listening to an episode of The Lively Show, where at one point the guest Alexandra Franzen talked about the power of saying no, while leaving the other person better than how you found them. I know this may not be quite what you’re talking about, but I found that it really resonated with me. It was helpful to hear a way to voice your opinion and stand up for yourself, while also being so respectful and positive. I shared the link below. I think you may find it interesting, if anything.

    You are never alone Molly!! Thank you so much for sharing real issues. Lilly’s a lucky girl to have someone like you for a mama!

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