June Stitch Fix Review & Link-Up

June 15, 2015·

I really feel like one of these days I’m not going to get excited when the Stitch Fix box shows up on my doorstep. I don’t feel like that’s going to happen anytime soon… because STILL, over a year later, when that box shows up, I’m all like, “YAY!!!! HUZZAH!!! IT’S HERE! WOOPDEE DOO!!!!!”

I mean, I try to be cool, calm, and collected… but what I really do is this:


Anyway. Without further ado… it’s time for my June Stitch Fix review! (My settings stayed the same this month AND I kept my stylist, Kimberly!)

41Hawthorn “Lisbon Stud Detail Blouse” – Size XL – $58
Stitch Fix - 41Hawthorn "Lisbon Stud Detail Blouse"

I love classic pieces and this classic black blouse is beautiful. The material is a bit sheer and hard to describe. It is a blend, but it’s almost a little stretchy. For me, it was good, but not great. Also, there was something funky happening with the studs on the sleeves. I’m not quite sure how to describe it.

I also felt like it was a little big  – which actually was a bit of a common thread this fix. I think it’s time to start sizing down! Which is a GOOD problem! 🙂 Well, it’s not even a problem… haha!

Anyway, while I liked the top, I didn’t LOVE it… so I decided to send it back.

Verdict: Return

Stitch Fix - 41Hawthorn "Lisbon Stud Detail Blouse" and Dear John "Lillie Short"

Dear John “Lillie Short” – Size 14 – $58

Since the shorts in my May fix didn’t work out, I requested another pair. This pair, while it’s tough to tell in the pictures, was actually WAY too big on me. They were HUGE around the waist. I really liked the style, but I was just swimming in them…

The quality is amazing, they’re insanely comfortable, they were just definitely not the right size.

Verdict: Return

Stitch Fix - Pixley "Maritzia Scoop Neck Blouse" and Dear John "Lillie Short"

Pixley “Maritzia Scoop Neck Blouse” – Size XL – $48

Out of the box I actually LOVED this blouse. I loved the style, I love the colors, I loved the print, I loved the lightweight fabric.

And then I put it on and it was like, “Womp. Womp.” It just felt boxy on me. It was definitely too big and it just was… meh. I was SO disappointed because I really wanted to love it!

Verdict: Return

Stitch Fix - Pixley "Maritzia Scoop Neck Blouse" and Dear John "Lillie Short"

Collective Concepts “Wilson Tie-Neck Top” – Size XL – $58

Stitch Fix - Collective Concepts "Wilson Tie-Neck Top" and Dear John "Lillie Short"

This was another piece that I loved right out of the box… and then I put it on… and I loved it even MORE!  You guys, this blouse is beautiful! It’s super lightweight and comfortable. I love the print and the color. I love the cut. It’s a top you can dress up or dress down…

It’s a winner!

Verdict: Keep!!
Stitch Fix - Collective Concepts "Wilson Tie-Neck Top"

BRIXON IVY “Sharron Pleated Maxi Skirt” – Size XL – $78

I’ve been wanting to try a maxi skirt in a fix and so I was excited to get this one. The color is stunning and I love the pleated material. The waistband is elastic and very forgiving and it’s flowy and comfortable… but there was just something about it when I put it on… I didn’t love it.

It was really long so I knew I’d need to hem it… and I couldn’t picture THAT many ways I, personally, would wear it. I dunno. I probably will REALLY regret sending it back because it is beautiful… I just didn’t love it enough to keep it.

Verdict: Return

Stitch Fix - Brixon Ivy "Sharron Pleated Maxi Skirt"So, that’s it! That’s what I kept this month. I only kept one item, but I loved that Kimberly tried some new stuff with me this month.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?

What do you think? Which items did you like the best? What would you have kept or not kept?

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