June Stitch Fix Review


  1. This might be nosey but I remember a year or so ago, you were telling everyone how careful you guys were with money, etc but now you are spending ~few hundred on clothes via stitchfix ea month. Are they comping you as a blogger? Just curious. One reason i dont do stitch fix is the risk of spending $200/mo on their clothes.

    1. Totally valid question! I’m glad you asked. A couple things…
      1. I do pay for my own fixes. Stitch fix doesn’t comp my fixes or tell me what to write or anything like that. I AM part of a stitch fix affiliate program (similar to any other affiliate program) so I do get a discount on my fixes and I receive a small commission if someone signs up to receive a fix using my referral link (which I’ve disclosed before and also any stitch fix user (blogger or not) can refer people and receive a credit).
      2. My husband and I budget very strictly and we give each other a “cash allowance” portion of our budget that we can each spend however we want. Some months it’s more, some months it’s less… Totally depends on the month. He likes to buy tools and man stuff, I like clothes and stitch fix. Haha. So I budget accordingly. If I have the money that month to buy all five items, and I want to keep the whole box, then I will. If I don’t, then I only buy one or two items (like this month).
      3. I know a lot of people who do stitch fix and just allow themselves one item a month and that’s their clothing budget. I definitely don’t think stitch fix is the cheapest way to get clothes, but I love the service and convenience so much and so I continue to receive them.
      4. My husband and I are still debt free and we manage our money wisely – we are not rich by any means, but we work hard and are blessed to be able to afford “luxury” items like clothing if we want to.

      I hope that clears up any confusion or concern! I really do appreciate you reading and asking!

  2. The orange top is so pretty. You look great. Too bad about the other stuff. That maxi skirt is beautiful

  3. The orange top looks gorgeous on you. Like you I definitely would have kept that top! I also did like the black studded top. I thought it looked flattering on.

  4. My stitch fix this month SUCKED! I’ve had them for a year and I have to say this time around i wasn’t so happy. I might have to try Kimberley. I loved the top and the maxi skirt you received. Hopefully I can get those on my next fixed!

  5. I absolutely love everything you have shown here. That orange top is to DIE for. Orange really is the new black.

  6. I love the price to of that Pixley blouse! Too bad you couldn’t keep it. I got the Collective Concepts blouse in a different print and love it! It looks great on you! Susan

  7. All great items, but I totally think the orange top is a keeper! 🙂 That maxi skirt is gorgeous, but I do know what you mean about wearing it different ways. That color though! HAHAHA

  8. I love that orange top! So glad you decided to keep it as it looks great on you! ~Ree

  9. I agree that the orange top was the best item in the fix, but I like the studded blouse too and I would have kept that. It’s very different. That’s what I love about Stitch Fix, they send things I can’t find anywhere else. Everything else you got, I would have sent back too!

  10. The orange top is great, lovely. And I agree about the “eh maeh” reaction to the Maritzia Scoop Neck Blouse. I always enjoy reading stitch fix reviews haha, I never pass them up.

    Have a great week!

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  11. I haven’t done Stitch Fix yet but it seems like such a cool idea! Maybe after my baby is here, I can give it a try! I love that green maxi by the way

    Happy Medley

  12. Yay, I love reading Stitch Fix reviews, and your stylist always does an awesome job. I love the top you kept. Right now my clothing budget is ridiculously tight but I’m hoping that will change soon so I can try Stitch Fix too, I think they do such a great job!

  13. The orange top is my favorite, I love it! May have to try Fix Stitch. Thank you so much for hosting! Stop by the SHOE AND TELL Fashion Link Up on Style Nudge and link up one of your great outfits.


  14. I love the orange top! I’ve seen a similar skirt to the green one at Old Navy and Target. You could always see if one of those fits better if you really like the style!

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

  15. The pieces were all lovely, Molly – such a shame though that you didn’t feel right in all of them! I love the orange top and reckon you kept the best… Although I think the Pixley top is gorgeous too – I’ll have it if you like?!! 😉

    Thank you so much for hosting – have yourself a FABULOUS week!!

    Catherine x

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