LulaRoe Amelia dress, Nickel and Suede earrings, Root Collective shoes


  1. I’m grateful for your photography! It’s refreshing to see a fashion blogger who looks so happy and joyful.

    I love that dress on you! It flatters your figure beautifully.

  2. I love the idea of a gratitude journal. I am grateful for so many things but I never make it known!!

  3. I do something similar each night when I do my devotion and it’s always fun to go back and read them. I’m grateful for you for sharing your story and helping me see there’s hope for me yet and for triFABB for introducing me to wonderful people and getting me out of my shell. Loved this post!

  4. This post was perfect for me today! One I love the idea of keep a gracious journal, being a SAHM and feeling alone something this is perfect to go back and reflect one. Also You dress is adorable. I have said this before in a comment but you are beautiful and so comfortable in your skin, I love this about you! Have a great week!


  5. This is SUCH a gorgeous dress; I absolutely love all the colour/pattern! And the fit is perfection!
    Such a great idea to start a gratitude journal; I definitely need to start one as well! … Let’s start it off with: I am grateful to have “met” other fashion bloggers like yourself who inspire me with not just their fashion but their kindness and positivity!!

    Lee |

    LegalLee Blonde

  6. I am totally on board with a gratitude journal! I love that idea! Thanks! I started journaling “One fun thing a day” for my daughter two summers ago. We do something fun together every day – bake, read, do our nail, etc. It has made me so much more thankful for our time together. Gorgeous dress! And I think that last pic looks like you are frolicking;) Susan

  7. This is exactly what I needed to read today! I chose the word “contentment” to focus on this year, and so far I’ve done a crap-tastic job of it… I feel like I spend more time focusing on what I DON’T have rather than what I do. I think a gratitude journal may help keep me on track–I like your idea of just jotting down random things (rather than trying to come up with a certain number a day/week). I’ll start with one of the biggest–my family: my awesome husband and our sweet little boy. 🙂 Thanks Molly!

  8. Gratitude really does help reorient my perspective on life if I can be mature enough in my day to stop and remind myself of all I have to be grateful for. I love this dress on you! One of my favorites. Thanks so much for the feature. 🙂

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. 1. I have two beautiful, bright, and healthy children.
    2. I have a loving and supportive husband.
    3. Our extended family is involved and supportive, and not overbearing.
    4. We live in a comfortable home in a quiet neighborhood.
    5. Although we live in a suburban neighborhood, we are surrounded by nature thanks to the well-planned open spaces in our city.
    6. I have a job that pays all the bills and provides me with opportunities to use my skills and talents.
    7. We live in a time and place where human rights are respected.
    8. We live close enough to the Rocky Mountains that we can get away and be in raw, beautiful nature in about 30 minutes.
    9. I had so many opportunities as a child and received a great education.
    10. The gentle rain that is falling right now.

    This is a great idea to have everyone share as it really does help us to feel more content with our own lives.

  10. love the print and shape of that dress. i am grateful for sales this past weekend-we got a great deal on kitchen tile, and i am grateful the hubs loves demo so much…now, i gotta get him on board with the reno part. thanks!

  11. Such a pretty dress! I love the pattern and colors 🙂 10 things I’m grateful for…
    1. My church family
    2. My job
    3. My books (I’m a book lover!)
    4. The ability to learn new things
    5. My big brothers
    6. Time spent with family and friends
    7. God’s Word
    8. My country
    9. Good health
    10. Fun hobbies
    Thank you for a great post!!

  12. I love this post! You are adorable and I love the dancing pics! So fun. The colors in this dress are fantastic and the denim vest you added is such a cute look. I’m grateful for my loving and supportive husband who makes me laugh, coffee, how my 3 year old says “I love you mom” about 50 times a day!, for the way our 3 kids love and help each other (most of the time, hehe), my loving sister and writing our blog together, just to name a few.

    Thanks for the reminder to be grateful and appreciate all the little things.


  13. Love this dress, it’s so flattering and summery! And any dress that has pockets is a winner to me 🙂 Yes, being thankful is important. Reminds me of a Veggie Tales story “Madame Blueberry” are you a fan? haha.. A thankful heart is a happy heart. So true. I really try to teach my kiddos that which is hard in this world where things are often more valued than anything. We share what we’re thankful for every night (there’s is usually the same thing) but at least they are being reminded of it! Keep it up! Have a great week!


  14. Love this post, especially that dancing pic of you! I am grateful for my job, the ability to afford my own apartment, the ability to take vacations, my health, that god gave us tastebuds, my car, my supportive parents, my goal-pushing sister, my loving boyfriend, America and those who protect her. Just to name a few:)

    Southern Elle Style

  15. I’m grateful for my job, for a cozy home, for a sweet roommate, for living in the fabulous Music City, for a certain fella, for Diet Coke, for a long weekend, for my brother serving our country overseas, for God’s promises for my life and for fantastic bloggers like you who remind me that it’s not all about clothes, jewelry and material things, that we’re called to much deeper stuff than that!

  16. Love your comments on being grateful…I also keep a journal! Have you read “A Thousand Gifts”?! Love your look too…the LulaRoe dress looks great on you.


    Brooke | KBStyled

  17. A great idea to keep a journal of things that you are grateful for and to read it when things are not so good! Love the pattern and pretty color of this dress.


    Would love to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

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