A Letter to Lilly on Her 2nd Birthday

August 18, 2015·

Dear Lilly,

I’m fully aware that you are unable to read yet, but I figure one day you’ll be able to… so, when that time comes, you can read this letter. Lilly's Second Birthday (2)Today is your second birthday. Two. Years. Old. You’re TWO. I can’t believe it. I realize it’s the ultimate cliche to say, “Time flies! You’ll blink and boom… they’re out of the house!” …but it couldn’t be more true. It HONESTLY, in pretty much every way, feels like yesterday that I was in labor with you and thought you’d never get out. There were moments when I felt like I was going to be pregnant forever.

Lilly's Second Birthday (3) Lilly's Second Birthday (4)

The anticipation of your arrival was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. Literally. The moment your daddy said, “It’s a girl!” is a moment I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. And there I was, two years ago, completely unaware of the extent to which you’d completely flip our world upside down.

Lilly's Second Birthday (5) Lilly's Second Birthday (6) Lilly's Second Birthday (7)

You have more personality that most adults I know, let alone toddlers. You’re this ball of excitement and energy that is never stopping. You light up every room you enter. And everyone loves you. You’re insanely smart, hilarious (you actively try to make us laugh daily), and you’re BUSY. Oh so busy.

Lilly's Second Birthday (8) Lilly's Second Birthday (9)

You’re curious and eager to learn. You teach me daily about taking in the little details and remembering them all. You also teach me the importance of taking in the world around me and appreciating everything in our lives, large or small.

Lilly's Second Birthday (10) Lilly's Second Birthday (11)

You already have this generous and giving heart (you LOVE to share… what toddler loves to share?!). You feel the emotions of others around you and you hate to see other people (especially your friends) sad.

Lilly's Second Birthday (12)

You just want everyone to be happy.

You also are extremely strong willed (hmmm, I wonder who you got that from?) and you let your opinion and feelings be known… sometimes to everyone in the neighborhood… but that’s okay!

I love every single little thing about you.

Every little quirk. Every little word you say. Every little song you sing. Every little face you make. It’s all so precious.

Lilly's Second Birthday (13)

I love the way you snuggle. I love watching you sleep at night (it’s a whole lot less creepy than it sounds). I love the way you jump up and down and run to the door when Daddy gets home from work. I love watching you play with the dogs. I love the hilarious way you run around naked after a bath. I love your running hugs and I love how you ask for kisses on the regular.

Lilly's Second Birthday (14)

Your Daddy and I couldn’t have hand-picked a better kid… you are exactly what God knew we needed in every way imaginable.

I also love the way you love Jesus so much at such a little age. I see you pray by yourself. I love that you beg to read the bible. I love how you get so excited for church. I love this zest you have for learning everything you can about Jesus. I pray, DAILY, that your heart for the Lord only grows stronger with time and that this earnestness that is within you is there for the rest of your life.

Your Daddy and I can’t imagine life without you. You complete our family and you make us feel so honored to be your parents.

Sweet Lilly, there’s nothing you could ever do to make us love you any more and there’s nothing you could ever do to make us love you any less. We love you unconditionally… not because of your performance or your achievements… We love you because of who you are as our sweet, precious gift… our daughter.

There really aren’t words that will ever accurately explain to you how much you mean to us. I really don’t think that it’s until you have children of your own that you fully understand the love that your parents have for you.

Lilly's Second Birthday (15)

We love you, little girl.

Happy Birthday.


Your mommy and daddy