My First Stitch Fix Maternity Review

August 20, 2015·

YAY! I have been WAITING to share this with you guys! It’s my first, “official” Stitch Fix maternity review! I was really excited to update my Stitch Fix style profile with “pregnant” after we found out we were expecting our second child. Don’t judge me. 🙂  I SO wish something like Stitch Fix maternity existed when I was pregnant with Lilly.

Since I am going to be pregnant in basically the EXACT opposite seasons that I was pregnant with Lilly in. I mean, literally the opposite seasons. Lilly was born in August. This baby is due in February. So, I’ll spend the majority of this pregnancy in cold weather and almost all my maternity clothes from before are summer dresses and tank tops.

I’m definitely showing A LOT earlier in this pregnancy than I was in my first… but I hear this is common in second pregnancies. I can still wear my normal clothes, but I know that’s not going to last much longer.

I have been very much in a “simplify” and “purge” season lately when it comes to my closet and I really want that to carry over to my maternity style this go ’round. I’m going to be very intentional with what I decide to buy and invest in.

When it comes to maternity clothes this time, I’m looking for:

  • Classic, timeless pieces that I can hopefully wear if we have more kiddos down the road (or pass on to friends)
  • Comfortable. Comfortable. Comfortable.
  • Pieces that could, potentially, be worn as non-maternity
  • Pieces that will transition well through the seasons
  • Pieces that are made by ethical, fair trade, or made in the USA companies (this one is the hardest, but I want to do the best I can! Not always possible, but I can try!)

SO, as long as the piece(s) fit at least most of the above criteria, I can justify investing in it. I know that’s probably more information than you really wanted to know, but I wanted to give some context.

As always, I’ll be sharing what I get in my Stitch Fix fixes, size, price, fit, quality, etc. I will also be sharing if I know the company is ethical, fair trade, or made in the USA. Now, some companies may fall into that category but I just don’t know it… Just putting it out there.

Oh, and I’ll be sharing if I kept it or not.

Without further ado, here’s my first Stitch Fix maternity review!

Collective Concepts “Maria Maternity Stretch Eyelet Detail Top” – $68 – Size XL

Stitch Fix Maternity | Collective Concepts "Maria Maternity Stretch Eyelet Detail Top" Stitch Fix Maternity | Collective Concepts "Maria Maternity Stretch Eyelet Detail Top" Stitch Fix Maternity | Collective Concepts "Maria Maternity Stretch Eyelet Detail Top"

I am a HUGE fan of this top! I loved it right out of the box. It’s VERY stretchy (loooooots of room for give), it’s not too thick, and it’s a great layering piece. I can totally see wearing it with jeans, or even with leggings and boots come fall. I KNOW this is going to be a very well-loved top in my maternity wardrobe this winter. For real. It’s going to get ALL THE WEAR.

It’s super versatile and can be easily dressed up or dressed down. You aren’t able to see it in the pictures, but the back also has sort of a scoop neck look which is really pretty.

I thought for the quality, the fit, and the price, it was a no-brainer to keep!

Verdict: keep!

Pale Sky “Solana Pleated Maternity Blouse” – $68 – Size XLStitch Fix Maternity | Pale Sky "Solana Pleated Maternity Blouse" Stitch Fix Maternity | Pale Sky "Solana Pleated Maternity Blouse"

I really loved this top out of the box and thought I’d love it on, but once I put it on and once I looked at the pictures, I just felt very matronly in it. I love the print, but I think at this stage in my pregnancy, it’s just not the most flattering… and since I’m looking for items to get me through the majority of my pregnancy, it was a no-go.

I do think the quality is great and it could look beautiful on someone else… just not me.

Verdict: return

Renee C “Corie Wide Leg Pant” – $48 – Size XLStitch Fix Maternity | Renee C "Corie Wide Leg Pant"

I know my stylist, Kimberly J., likes to push my style limits and get me to try new things… but these were a big. fat. NOPE. I didn’t even take a picture of them on because they were… bad. Just bad. Nope.

It’s a very specific type of person (tall and slender) who is going to look good in these pants.

Verdict: return

Full Moon “Yarm Maternity Knit Top” – $48 – Size XL

Stitch Fix Maternity | Full Moon "Yarm Maternity Knit Top" Stitch Fix Maternity | Full Moon "Yarm Maternity Knit Top" Stitch Fix Maternity | Full Moon "Yarm Maternity Knit Top"

I. Love. This. Top. It’s SO fun! Also, it’s INSANELY comfortable, you guys. Hard to describe, but the material is very stretchy and forgiving and it’s just… it’s awesome. I also love that this is a top that can be worn with jeans or leggings.

AND… it’s made in the USA! WOOHOO!!

Verdict: definite keep!

Shiraleah “Lee Fringe Hobo Bag” – $68

Stitch Fix Shiraleah "Lee Fringe Hobo Bag" - $68 Stitch Fix Shiraleah "Lee Fringe Hobo Bag" - $68 Stitch Fix Shiraleah "Lee Fringe Hobo Bag" - $68

I told myself, “you don’t need any bags, you’ve got plenty” but this bag… this bag… I LOVE IT. The fringe is SO fun, it’s got a MASSIVE interior (it fits SO MUCH stuff), and it’s very well made. It feels sturdy and the material is a faux leather that is durable.

Plus, I don’t own a black handbag and I feel like that’s a staple to own… right? Right. Right…

Verdict: keep!

So there you have it. My first Stitch Fix maternity review. I kept three items and returned two, so I’d say we’re off to a strong start.

What about you? What do you think of my choices? What would you have kept? Have you tried Stitch Fix? What about Stitch Fix maternity?


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