Lilly for Target dress, Root Collective Shoes, Nickel and Suede earrings, blue bag


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  3. Happy Birthday! Cute dress. And no, it’s not too young for you. Are you aware of the social media campaign #IwillwearwhatIlike on Instagram? It all started when someone created a list of items women over thirty should NOT wear, and let’s just say women didn’t take it very well. We have been posting pictures of ourselves wearing those items all month, and it’s been fun.

  4. Happy birthday! I totally agree with you about birthdays–I like celebrating mine, but to me my little one’s birthday is much more celebration-worthy! LOVE that dress–the print and the “flounce” are both so pretty, and I love it on you!

  5. Gorgeous dress! And happy birthday!! Wear what you like, I’m older than you and still wear lots of flounce xx

  6. Happy birthday Molly!! My daughter’s bday is my favorite day of the year! We make a huge deal out of it! I hope you had a great day! Susan

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