Stitch Fix Maternity Review & Link-Up!

October 5, 2015·

Technically this review I’m sharing with you guys today was my September Stitch Fix review… I just happen to be sharing it in October. I didn’t get a chance to share it before now… so… sue me? Haha, in fact, my October Stitch Fix is scheduled to arrive at my doorstep today. Woops. 🙂

It has been POURING RAIN here for what feels like a month… and as much as I wanted to take pictures of all my pieces outside, it just wasn’t going to happen in the time frame that I needed to take the pictures in. So, I took the pictures inside… old school style in front of the mirror. Sorry not sorry?

But, as usual, I will share with you guys what I got in my Stitch Fix box, what I think, quality, size, price, and I will denote if it’s made in the USA or fair trade (I have noted on my Stitch Fix style profile account to send as many Made in the USA / fair trade products as possible. :))

Check it out:

Market & Spruce “Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket” – Size XL – $88

Stitch Fix Maternity Review (1)

I have had my eye on this jacket for a long time. I’ve wanted some type of light, utility, cargo jacket for awhile, but could never find the right one. I had this one pinned on my Stitch Fix inspiration board and I was so excited when my stylist included it in my fix this month!

I tried it on and immediately loved it. At first I thought it might be a little big, but I rolled up the sleeves and that helped. Plus, I actually like my coats to be a hair on the larger size so I can fit layers on underneath like sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.

A note about the awesome customer service Stitch Fix has… When I was going to hang the jacket up in my closet, the zipper popped right off. It was broken beyond repair… I was SO bummed. I emailed Stitch Fix and they immediately sent me a replacement for the coat! I sent back the broken one and I had a new one within two days. WOOHOO!

Verdict: KEEP!Stitch Fix Maternity Review (2)

Loveappella Maternity “Campton Maternity Knit Top” – Size XL – $48

Stitch Fix Maternity Review (3)

I really WANTED to like this top. It’s made in the USA (win!), it’s super comfortable and soft (win!), I felt like it fit well (win!), but, for some reason… I just didn’t LOVE it. I couldn’t see myself wearing it all that much… so, alas, I didn’t keep it.

VERDICT: ReturnStitch Fix Maternity Review (4)

Loveappella “Zilla Lace Detail Maternity Knit Top” – Size XL – $48Stitch Fix Maternity Review (5)

This shirt was definitely more of a coral color than it looks in the photographs… it photographed much more orange. It was an orangey / coral, if that makes sense.

The pros to this shirt? Soft? Check! Made in the USA? Check! Not my style, though. I actually really don’t like the way cap sleeves look on me – they cut me off in an awkward place on the arms. So, alas, I didn’t keep it.

Verdict: Return
Stitch Fix Maternity Review (6)

Kut from the Kloth “Kate Maternity Distressed Boyfriend Jean” – Size 14 – $88

Stitch Fix Maternity Review (7)

Next up are these jeans. I have been a HUGE fan of Kut from the Kloth – I’ve gotten a few things from them in past fixes and always love them. I have been wanting a pair of maternity boyfriend jeans and these were fabulous. However, they were HUGE. I mean, MASSIVE on me. I’m quite confused as to the sizing of their maternity pants. I’m solidy a size 14 / 32 in regular (non-maternity) Kut from the Kloth pants… but these were EASILY 1-2 sizes too big.

Too big to even try on to SHOW YOU how big they were… I was swimming in them.

I emailed Stitch Fix customer service to find out what my options were. I was able to exchange them and size down to a size 12 from the size 14 they gave me. The size 12 came and they fit, but honestly, I probably could have done a size 10 because the size 12s are still a hair too big. I think they will fit me a little better later in my pregnancy… we shall see. If they don’t, I will figure something out.

Let me say, sizing issues aside, these jeans are FABULOUS. The quality is great, the wash and cut are flattering… I love them. But, definitely know that the maternity pants from Kut from the Kloth are HUGE and you will definitely need to size down!!


Kut from the Kloth “Denna Maternity Skinny Jean” – Size 14 – $78

Stitch Fix Maternity Review (8)

I had the exact same sizing issue with these pants that I had with the other maternity jeans. I really liked them, but honestly decided not to keep them because I have another pair of pants that are pretty similar and I didn’t foresee myself wearing them that much through pregnancy. So, I opted to return them.

However, again, I will say… these pants are GREAT quality, the cut is fabulous, and I loved the color. BUT, be aware that you will need to size down in them at LEAST 1-2 sizes. So keep that in mind! 🙂



What do you think? Any pieces I should have kept? Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? What about Stitch Fix maternity? Did you have similar sizing issues with maternity jeans?

*This is not a sponsored post. I receive my Stitch Fix fixes on a monthly basis because I choose to and I love the service so much. The link to try Stitch Fix is an affiliate link and I do get a small commission if you click through and sign up to receive a fix of your own. If you do sign up for Stitch Fix, you also have the ability to share and refer people and receive a credit of your own. Because I am a Stitch Fix affiliate, I do receive a small discount on my fixes, but I do not receive them for free and I pay for them with my own money. 



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