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  1. Molly I’m so with you on the “EAT ALL THE VEGGIES AND SALAD AND FRUIT” and then onto cakes the next day…!!!! But balance is key, it’s just so hard to try and stick to the veggies 😉

    Thank you so much for hosting, hope you can make it to the #iwillwearwhatilike link up!

    Catherine x

  2. Great pants! And balance is so important and structure…especially with little people to tend to! I know for me, it is important to also give myself a break every now and again. Mom life is hard enough!

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  4. Totally agree! I think as I’ve gotten older I’ve at least learned to accept this and am less likely to beat myself up over the cheese fries and my kids are alot less likely to freak out if we are running a little late. That’s life!

  5. I’ve been feeling more on the crazy/busy/overwhelmed side of the balance spectrum lately and am looking forward to a slow-down, hopefully soon! But I agree, it does seem to be cyclical. Love this look, especially those boots!

  6. Great post. Yes, life is a balancing act. Just reading my devotions today about not letting your emotions manage you. We are to make the right choices regardless of how we feel and God will be faithful to give us the strength to do so. Definitely not an easy thing. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the feature 🙂

    xo Lulu

  7. i am finding balance harder to find at this stage in my life. Our daughter is a teen now and she needs more attention than ever. I never dreamed I would one day think of the baby years as easy! (: But I know that in a few short years she will be in college. So I am throwing my energy into teaching her everything I can before she sets out for college. Then maybe I can find some balance again(: I think there are years when balance eludes us and years that it easily finds us. Does that make sense? Well you look adorable and Lily seems like a happy kid – so balance found(: Susan

  8. I’m all for balance and not rigidly limiting (or set yourself up for guilt trips) oneself. Like I work out/exercise quite a bit, but there will be whole weeks were I won’t do anything in order to let my body rest & recover. Balance is needed. Just like it’s not good to do nothing, doing too much can turn out to be quite detrimental too. This goes for a lot of things.

    Have a great week!

    Alex – Funky Jungle

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