Dealing with Negativity | "So You Wanna Start a Blog?" Series


  1. This is something I’ve dealt with as a Beachbody coach (I’ve discovered that most of it stems from jealousy). But it’s been hard on me, too. I definitely have more positive experiences than negative and I try to remember that when the negativity stings.

  2. This was a good read for me today after just deleting a negative comment someone left on my instagram! But honestly, to me being able to hit the delete button on negativity online is the easy part. It’s dealing with the opinions of friends and family that can be especially tricky. I also have horrible anxiety about being bullied if anyone from work found my blog. But luckily, I have the support of those most important to me and it also helps having so many great blogger friends locally!


  3. Wonderful post! It is so hard dealing with negativity from family and that was a fear, but my family surprised me with full support. 🙂

  4. I’m in that stage with my husband right now- he’s certainly frustrated at the amount of time it takes, but he acknowledges the fact that I’m working so diligently on something I’m passionate about. When I overhear him talk about my blog to someone else, and hear the pride in his voice- it just warms me up!

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