November Stitch Fix Maternity Review


  1. I definitely agree with what you kept! I’ve still not found a classic black blazer I love and have had to make do with a few cheaper versions over the past few years, something I’d be happy to invest in as can be used for so many things. I’m also very envious of your dress. Maternity options in the UK seem to be very limited and as I am tall it is becoming a real struggle! I’ll keep hunting. I’ve got a while to go yet anyway. 🙂

      1. ah ha ha, you have not missed the news and thank you 🙂 Dave & I decided not to do any big announcements. It just felt right to sort of quietly tell people one by one. We’ve had quite a tough year with his Dad and then my Gran and we’re both nervous/happy/scared/excited. Baby is due around the 12th of May so I’m at 14 weeks so still got quite a way to go! I lost a lot of weight feeling ill over the first couple of months but I’m definitely getting a bigger tummy. I am fairly sure it is baby, but I could have been sleepwalking and eating ice cream in the middle of the night?!

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