Elegantees Kilee tunic, JOYN bag, Root Collective "millie" smoking shoes, Mata Traders necklace, Level 99 coated denim (1)


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  2. I feel so strongly about purchasing ethical, local, secondhand, and fair trade clothing as well! I’ve been starting by shopping primarily at Goodwill, and I’ve been trying to do some research about other clothing companies that I can start to support as well. Thank you for talking about this stuff on your blog – it’s not a popular thing to discuss in the blogosphere, but I think it’s SO important!!

  3. Molly this is such a great post – I love how you support ethical and eco fashion. The bag’s print is especially lovely – and how you’ve styled it so simply is wonderful, I love it! Looking good…!

    Thank you so much for hosting :))

    Catherine x

  4. I love your look today Molly, the black and rich burgundy are so pretty together. Thank you for enlightening me about this wonderful organization and its impact. I love their unique pieces and fabrics. They have so many things I would love, especially the BRASS KIMANI EARRINGS. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  5. What a pretty, unique necklace and great bag too! I love what you said about trying to purchase with a purpose this year for Christmas. I sometimes tend to put convenience and budget at the top of my list, but I’d like to do a better job of shopping with heart as well.

  6. Molly, your posts always make me smile. I LOVE you have a head for fashion and a heart for helping <3 Thanks for sharing this store with us, it is exactly the kind of thing I am interested in too. I love fashion that 'cares'. I actually did a blog post last year all about fashionable graphic tees whose profits go to various great causes. You can check it out here if you are interested – http://legalleeblonde.blogspot.ca/2014/12/tees-for-cause.html

    I also think you'd be interested in NaSuma designs. I lived in Tanzania for a while and had clothes made by a number of the women that are now working for NaSuma. You can see my post on that here – http://legalleeblonde.blogspot.ca/2015/06/introducing-nasuma-designs.html

    I just checked out their website and I love the moss pinwheel suede crossbody – so in style right now and I LOVE that it supports the organization you mentioned, JOYN, which sounds truly wonderful!

    Lee |

    LegalLee Blonde

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