Levana Ovia 2 Video Monitor Review & Giveaway


  1. I recently just started a blog (come visit at simplymaude.com) and I would love to spend more time working on it. Also, I would love to have more time to read and would love to have time to work out. Being a work outside the house full-time mommy and a 21 month old that requires little sleep and stays up until about 8:30 or 9 every night, there is very little time for “me” time. :o) But I wouldn’t change a thing, because I love my little munchkin!

  2. I’d love to do more reading for myself. I read a lot during the day – blogs, online articles and kids books – but don’t always make time to read for myself.

  3. We ended up going for one without a video but it does have a motion pad for cot/bed and temperature etc. Recommended to us by a few people. The video one does look good as well. We’ll just have to see how we do! Also we are not planning to swaddle, you get these sleeping bags/ gro bags suitable from birth and they look ace. Lots of my friends have recommended them and I’m sure I will be useless at swaddling anyway! So, so many things to think about!!

    1. totally! but girl… let me tell you… look into the Woombie. BEST. SWADDLER. EVER. Really helps when the baby is flailing all about and they keep waking themselves up. It’s like a swaddle bag… LIFE CHANGING

  4. We have a video monitor, but I kind of hate it. I love that Ovia has more than one monitor! That would really help with getting a better view of Layla’s room (and offering some more peace of mind)! As a busy mom I wish I could do more reading. I haven’t read a book since Layla was born!
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