LulaRoe Aztec Amelia dress, Duo boots, Lily Jade bag, Nickel and Suede earrings, Fall, Maternity, Fashion (1)


  1. I have gotten recently obsessed with Lularoe and joining FB groups and shopping. I had to pull the plug, but I want an Amelia so much! My mom got me one for Christmas, but it was early on in my LLR days so it’s not my favorite pattern, and now I want more! Do you ever wear the Nicole? Also, I’m noticing your different Amelias are different lengths. Do you get them hemmed?

    1. Great questions! I have a couple nicoles! I like the nicole a lot but I prefer the Amelia on my body type… and the hem length probably looks different because of my belly hahaha… but I don’t get any of mine hemmed 🙂

  2. That IS a great dress–the print and style are so flattering! Great find indeed. I can’t get over the weather either. I live in Kansas City and it’s supposed to be in the upper 50s, low 60s this week…nuts!

  3. Great dress! You wear color so well! It has been warmish in Ohio too – no complaints on a shorter winter(: Susan

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