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January 25, 2016·

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I am SO excited to be bringing you another makeup tutorial featuring another one of my favorite makeup brands – Maybelline! This tutorial, however, is going to be a little different because I’m talking about… CONTOURING.

Contouring is NOT new, by any means. But, it has DEFINITELY become VERY trendy and popular (if that’s what you want to call it) in the last few years. And EVERY makeup brand (or at least it seems like it…) is coming out with a contouring palette or contouring product.

What exactly IS contouring?

If you feel like you are makeup “challenged,” or you are pretty simple and basic with your typical makeup routine and you’re not quite sure WHAT contouring is… basically, contouring is using makeup to create the illusion of shadows and highlights on your face to give your face structure and shape. You can really do some INSANE and amazing things with contouring! I’ve seen people contour like crazy and they almost look like a totally different person when they are done.

Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (1)Now, for ME, personally, I am not one to go contouring crazy. And a full-faced contour is certainly not something I do on a daily basis. I’m talking special occasions, holidays, date nights, anniversaries, events, etc.

There ARE some things that I do regularly (I LOVE highlighting and I love a good blush… because, well, they make me feel beautiful)… but as far as using contour shades and creating shadows and chiseling my face out? Not a daily thing. BUT, again, that doesn’t mean that I don’t love to when the time is right.

Maybelline recently launched a BUNCH of gorgeous new products, including a new foundation, blender, and CONTOUR PALETTE! PERFECT!

Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (2)So, I hit up my local Walmart and picked up the goods… I was so pumped to try them out and work to create a simple, no-fuss contouring basics tutorial for y’all! As we head into February, some of y’all might have fun Valentine’s Day plans? Or maybe just a fun girl’s night out planned?

For me, February is always big because my husband and I celebrate Valentine’s Day AND our wedding anniversary! And this year? Well, we’ll be throwing a baby into that mix, too! AHH! So, you can bet that we’re going to get in at least ONE awesome date night complete with getting snazzied up before baby 2.0 arrives.

I want to show you guys that contouring can really be a FUN way to spice up your makeup routine and it DOESN’T have to be overly complicated or hard and you don’t have to break the bank to find great beauty products.

Okay, enough rambling, let’s get to the tutorial! Shall we?

A Simple, No-Fuss Contouring Basics Makeup Tutorial

Now, you’ll notice that I do have my eyes and lips and all that done… I have a full-faced Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial coming next week where I’ll share with y’all the steps I took to achieve the full look. Today, I’m just going to be talking about the foundation and basics of SIMPLE contouring!

To achieve this particular look, I am using the new Maybelline Master Contour Palette, Dream Velvet Foundation, and Dream Velvet Blender.

Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (3)

So, this is our starting point… bare faced. No makeup at all.

Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (14)

First off? Foundation. I was SO pumped to try this foundation and new blender out. I’ve heard great things about it and, honestly? It did NOT disappoint at all. I chose the color “Porcelain Ivory” – not the lightest shade, but a hair above it. Since I haven’t been out in the sun in.. oh, AWHILE… and turns out this shade was a perfect match.

Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (9)

The foundation is a gel, whipped consistency and it glides on SO smoothly! It’s also a medium coverage foundation so it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on the skin at all. I think it really gives a great coverage. I applied it to my face using the Dream Velvet Blender which is a makeup blending sponge that really helps to evenly distribute the product. Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (24)

Post foundation application…

Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (25)

Next up? Contouring!

Now, the Master Contour Palette comes in two shades. One: “Light to Medium” and Two: “Medium to Deep.” I purchased both to see which one would work for me and I ended up liking the Light to Medium for my skin tone. Although, the blush color in the Medium to Deep palette is STUNNING. Seriously. It’s worth it just for the blush. It’s SO GORGEOUS.

The colors in this palette are VERY pigmented, a little goes a long way, and blend beautifully.

Light to Medium:

Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (6)

Medium to Deep:Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (7)

So, here’s the BASIC way to contour. Now, I know there are a million different ways people can do this and there are ways you can REALLY chisel and define your face. Here I’m showing you the most BASIC way to achieve a contour look.

Taking the CONTOUR shade in the palette, use a thin brush (I’m actually using a contouring brush) and draw a “3” and reverse “3” on each side your face. 

Basically, start at the crown of your head and lightly stroke down the side of your forehead and temple, below the cheekbones, and back down along the edge of your chin. Repeat on both sides.

I also like to take a thin brush and apply to the sides of my nose. It’s going to look crazy and weird at first (case in point: see below!), but don’t worry, we’re going to BLEND.

Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (26)

Then, with a clean brush, you just start BLENDING. Blend. Blend. Blend. Blend. This evens out the harsh lines and leaves “shadows” along your face.Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (27)

Post blending: you can see more “structure” in my face and cheekbones. It’s subtle, but really can make a difference. And, of course, you can do a more “defined” look if you want. I just went for simple and basic.Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (28)

Next, apply the blush color to the apples of your cheeks and blend, blend, blend.Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (29)

And lastly, my personal favorite part… HIGHLIGHTING!

Using a fan brush (you could also use your finger if you don’t have a fan brush), apply the highlight color to the tops of your cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose, and just above the cupid’s bow on your lips. This just gives your face a nice, natural glow. The highlight color in the light to medium palette is just STUNNING.Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (30)

Voila! Post contour, blush, and highlight!Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (31)

A few more side by side looks:

Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (34) Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (35)

And stay tuned for a post later next week when I share the full tutorial for this fun and flirty Valentine’s Day makeup look!Looks to Love Makeup Tutorial - Maybelline - #MNYLooksToLove (36)What about you? Have you ever tried contouring? Are you a fan of the contouring trend? Have you tried the new products from Maybelline?

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