5 Pieces of Terrible Financial Advice I've Actually Heard | Molly's Money


  1. I’m newly engaged and I think it’s absolutely crazy to me that I’m seeing things like “Take out a personal loan to pay for your wedding!” I love my fiancee and I’m so excited to marry him, but we don’t need to go into debt to do it (we’re paying for our own wedding). Thank you for advocating smart spending aways – I love the blog!

  2. I enjoy the “default on your student loans. It’ll only ruin your credit for 20 years.” Yes, but in that 20 years, I would like to be able to do stuff.

  3. Credit cards are the worst in this situation! When money got tight for me a few years ago I tried to use cash so I could actually really see what I was spending!! It’s too easy to just swipe a card!

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