How to Choose the “Right Ankle Booties” for Your Body Type & Link-Up

March 7, 2016·

Unsurprisingly, one of the most common “style tip” questions I get from readers is: “How do I know what style of ‘booties’ looks best with my ankles / legs?” Girrrrrl, I totally get it. I am someone who has “rounder” ankles, if that makes sense. I don’t know that it’s called, but I don’t have that “indent” that some people have on either side of the back of their ankle. They’re not “cankles,” per se, but I do have bigger ankles.

I’m not self-conscious of them or anything… but, I am aware of this fact and I am aware that some booties just don’t look right on me – DEPENDING on how I style them. It’s really all in how you style them.

Now, there are certainly styles that universally look good on everyone (in my humble opinion) and there are styles that are not necessarily going to look good on everyone. So, I’m gonna talk about some of my favorite styles and share my thoughts on which ones look best / better on certain types of people.

How to Choose the “Right Booties” for Your Body Type

 FIRST: “Wide” Ankle, Heeled Booties

In my opinion, these are the most universally flattering booties for ANYONE to wear. Doesn’t matter if you have larger or smaller ankles, wider or smaller calves, etc. You can wear them with leggings, dresses, jeans, cuffed jeans, etc. They really go with everything and everyone. They are a staple in my closet (I have them in two colors…) and the ones I wear most often.

They also can be dressed up or down…

Here’s why they work:

A thicker heel gives your legs some lift and helps to “elongate” them, thus making your legs appear slimmer. The “wide ankle” part of the bootie (meaning the top doesn’t “hug” your ankle) makes your ankles appear smaller. So, if you have wider ankles, these are going to really help that! I have wider ankles which is why I like this style best for my body type!

Here are some ways I’ve worn them:

Pinkblush Maternity striped cardigan, James Jeans coated skinny jean, booties, Lily Jade diaper bag - Maternity Style

Pinkblush Maternity floral baseball style tunic, coated denim, Lily Jade bag - Maternity Style

Stitch Fix Ingrid & Isabelle Maternity Dress, Splendid booties, Flourish Market / Mata Traders necklace, Nickel and Suede signature gold earrings - Maternity Style - Charleston, South Carolina Anniversary and Maternity Photography with Annamarie Akins Photography (51)LulaRoe Julia Dress | Maternity Fashion & Style White Plum Printed Leggings, Stitch Fix maternity tunic, denim vest, Lily Jade diaper bag | Maternity Style (2) LulaRoe Amelia Dress | Maternity Fashion & Style Printed denim, booties, and cargo jacket | Maternity Fashion & Style

Some “Wide Ankle” Bootie Options:

Next Up? Buckle or “Detail” Booties:

This style is pretty self-explanatory and can fall into a few categories… heeled, flat, tall, short, etc. The key element here is the detailing or buckles. I include that as the key element because the buckles and detailing are going to be what “draw” the eye in. So, if you’re someone who might be self-conscious about the way your legs or ankles look in booties, this might be a good style to try!

I will say, it’s not going to be a universally flattering style on everyone, but depending on how you style it, it CAN be! If you have wider ankles, try only styling these booties with jeans and just cuff them at the bottom. OR, try wearing them with tights or leggings!

Here are some ways I’ve worn them:

Level 99 “Charley Zipper Detail Coated Skinny Jean”, booties, Altar'd State Kimono, North Carolina Fashion Blogger (4)

Cobalt blue lace dress, Altar'd State Kimono, Cuff, Cobalt Blue bag, booties, North Carolina Fashion Blogger (4)

Buckle / Detail-Style Bootie Options:

Third: the “Flat” bootie

This style is not going to be the most universally flattering on everyone for any outfit style, BUT, again, it’s all in how you make it work. For me, these booties are super comfortable, BUT, they do not look good on me unless I’m wearing jeans. These are best (on me, at least), when I’m wearing cuffed jeans.

For me, I wouldn’t wear these with shorts or a dress. I wish I could, but it just cuts my legs / ankles off in the wrong spot! So, if you have wider ankles, I’d avoid these unless you’re wearing jeans! If you have smaller ankles, you might be able to rock the flat bootie with dresses.

Here are some ways I’ve worn them:
how to wear denim on denim (3)White Plum leather front sweater, white denim, brown booties | fall fashion (6)Target leather jacket, world market scarf, Nickel and Suede pumpkin spice earrings

Flat Bootie Options:

The “Below the Ankle” Bootie:

You might be thinking… “Are these actually booties?” And while it could be up for debate, to me, they feel like booties… so I include them. They do fall in more of a “heeled shoe” category, but I like to include them because they come higher up on the foot, but they don’t cover the ankle.

To me, this is another “universally flattering” style because regardless of your ankle or calf size, this shoe is going to hit you at the narrowest part of your leg AND the heel adds height and elongates your leg which is, again, slimming!

Here are some ways I’ve worn these:

LulaRoe Printed Arrow Leggings, Chambray, Lily Jade bag, Fall Maternity Style (4)Red jeans from Stitch Fix, Daisy floral kimono from Stitch Fix, black and white striped tee (1)Red and white striped awning dress from Eshakti, denim jean vest, World Market scarfwhite eyelet peplum blouse, skinny jeans, infinity scarf

“Below the Ankle” Bootie Options:

Lastly, the wedge bootie.

This is another style I really love for jeans. This style can cut you off at an awkward spot on your legs if you’re not careful… so the only time I really wear these with dresses or skirts is if I am wearing opaque tights. The reason I say that is because wearing tights that match the booties give the illusion of longer legs and almost the illusion of “pants.” I’m probably not explaining it the best, but you catch my drift!

Here are some ways I’ve styled them:

J.Crew Factory striped leather sleeve tee, boyfriend jeans, TOMS booties, cobalt bag (1)

Fall & Winter Style: Black and white striped fringe poncho, jeans, TOMS wedges Fall & Winter Style: black and white aztec sweater, black jeans, black TOMS wedges, tassel necklace Fall Fashion | We've Built Tech Angles Necklace, green lace me away cardigan, paisley mini skirt, TOMS wedges

Wedge Bootie Options:

So what do you think? Which style is your favorite? What style do you like to wear best? Any tips you’d like to share?


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