DIY Facial Toner with Essential Oils


  1. Hello!

    Can I replace the Frankincence for another essential oil ?
    I have geranium, rose geranium, rosemary, eucalyptus, orange, lemon but no frankincence or patchouli. 🙁

    Thank you

  2. Hey Molly! Thanks for sharing this… I just tried it and I LOVE how it feels. Question though – I find mine smells quite vinegary… Too much? Not enough oils? Suggestions? just add more water or more oil? Or is it normal it’s a little vinegary

  3. Thanks Molly! I have incorporated oils into our lives thanks to you! I would love to try this toner for my daughter and I . One question – she is a teen and can experience some breakouts. Should I add the tea tree for her or eliminate that step? Thanks! And do you have a tutorial for linen spray? That would be great to eliminate those chemicals too! Susan

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