The Most Beautiful Birth Announcements (I promise I’m not biased)

March 24, 2016·

Y’all know how much I love Minted. We have used them COUNTLESS times over the last few years for invitations, Christmas cards, art, and now even our birth announcements!

Minted Birth Announcements Review (2)I will admit, I was a TOTAL slacker when Lilly was born and completely forgot to do birth announcements. I had every intention of doing them… and then like eight months went by and I was like, “Oh yeah, I probably should have done those by now.” And so I just ended up forgoing them.

But not this time! I was determined to do them! And Minted to the rescue! I absolutely love the design we chose and including photos that Becky took of us was perfect – needless to say, I love them. My favorite part about Minted? (Outside of the gorgeous designs, of course…) My favorite part about Minted is the pre-addressed envelopes! Makes sending out the announcements 100x easier and take so much less time. THE BEST!!

Anyway, I wanted to share with y’all what they look like! I hope you enjoy them!

“All the details” Foil-Pressed Birth Announcements – Design by Carolyn Maclaren
Minted Birth Announcements Review (3) Minted Birth Announcements Review (4)

What about you? Have you used Minted before? Have you done birth announcements for your kid(s)?


*This is not a sponsored post. Minted kindly gifted us with birth announcements to celebrate the arrival of Amos, but I was not required to do a blog post. I genuinely love Minted and have used them for years!