Wear All The Babies! | Sakura Bloom Ring Sling Review & Giveaway

March 31, 2016·

I have always loved babywearing. I wore Lilly a lot when she was tiny… but honestly wore her more once she got bigger. In fact, I still wear Lilly! I haven’t been able to wear her as much in the last few months because of being super pregnant and then recovering from my c-section… but she still LOVES to be worn.

I’ve always used a soft, structured carrier (SSC), but wanted to try using a ring sling with Amos because I love the easy on-and-off and functionality of it. I wear Amos so, so, soooo much because, well… I HAVE to have my hands free because I’m spending most of my time chasing around a very busy toddler.

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One of my best friends has sung the praises of her Sakura Bloom ring sling for years and I was so excited to get one of my own to use with Amos. I have now had it over a month and it is safe to say that I am obsessed with my ring sling. I have a bad feeling that I may start to get a little ring sling addiction… EEEK! I mean, all the colors to match all the outfits, right?! Right. 🙂 

I thought it might be helpful to share with y’all a little breakdown of the different kinds of ring slings they have and how they work! There’s definitely a little bit of a learning curve and it has taken me some practice to really get the hang of using my ring sling, but now that I’ve been using it and breaking it in and getting more comfortable with it, I will shout from the rooftops how much I adore it all the live long day!
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What are the different types of Sakura Bloom ring slings?

There are three MAIN types of Sakura Bloom sling materials – linen, silk, and cashmere.

Linen is a very classic material and comes in either single layer or double layer. Double layer is going to be a more sturdy sling where you can wear your baby comfortably with a lot of support all the way into toddlerhood. Single is going to be very lightweight, breezy, and is a great starter sling! I bought a single layer linen that I’ve used a lot with Amos and it’s great for the newborn stage!

Cashmere is… well, cashmere. Super luxurious. Insanely soft. Oh so soft. Because of the uniqueness of the cashmere material, it’s both breathable AND insulating – so it can keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. It’s cool like that. 🙂 Cashmere only comes in single layer, but it is still a very sturdy material.

Silk a beautiful, sturdy, timeless material. The silk slings only come in double layer, but come in two styles – essential and simple. Simple is one, solid color whereas essential is a two-tone sling.

The sling I’m wearing in these photos is the Blackout | Jet silk ring sling. It’s incredible durable and really, REALLY supportive. It’s a sling that I know I could even use with Lilly (who is every bit of 35 pounds) once I’m able to comfortably wear her again. And this is coming from someone who has a bad back! 🙂 

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How do you use your sling?

I will admit, I am NOT an expert in this yet and I’m getting better with practice. The BEST resources I have found for learning how to safely and properly use my ring sling have been a combination of my friend helping me and watching the incredibly helpful instructional videos on the Sakura Bloom site.

Amos is at the stage where I can comfortably wear him in the newborn tummy to tummy legs in AND tummy to tummy legs out positions.

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I just love all the benefits that babywearing gives both of us… he’s happier, he’s less fussy, he takes naps in the sling, I get sweet newborn snuggles, I have my hands free… the list goes on!

I could not be a bigger fan.

Also – bonus? Sakura Bloom slings are ethically and carefully made in the USA! Y’all know how I feel about that! <3

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Here are just some shots of me using my Sakura Bloom ring sling in action over the last month! Everything from at the park, to wearing him while on a conference call, running errands, on family walks, and around the house!

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What about you? Have you ever used a ring sling? Have you heard of Sakura Bloom? Are you a babywearer?

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*This is not a sponsored post. Sakura Bloom kindly gifted me a ring sling and since I loved it so much, I went and purchased two more with my own money. As always, I only share products and companies with y’all that I truly believe in and love! 🙂