They See Us Strollin’ | Nuna TAVO Stroller Review

April 13, 2016·

I remember when I was pregnant with Lilly, I was CRAZY overwhelmed with all the “baby stuff” out there. I had no idea where to turn. I had no idea what I needed. I had no idea what products were good and which ones were bad. I would ask my friends who had kids, but I still felt like I was in over my head.

When John and I were registering for stuff, it almost felt like I was blindly scanning things in the stores saying, “Oh yeah, I think we need that… right?”  Please tell me I am not the only one that has felt like this whilst preparing for a baby!

I quickly learned after Lilly was born which stuff we got was great and which I just could have done without. One of the things that we got for Lilly that I wish I had done more research on was our stroller. I just kind of blindly picked out a stroller and car seat and, to be honest, while the car seat was “fine” – I really, really didn’t like the stroller we got. I liked that it was lightweight, but the basket underneath was small, it didn’t feel secure, and it would tip over SO EASILY. As Lilly got bigger, she would tip the stroller over regularly and it would always scare me! So, needless to say, with the arrival of our son, Amos, I’ve been much more inclined to do a lot of research and learn about different products before making a big purchase.

Lilly was excited, too! She loves going for rides. 🙂 They See Us Strollin' | Nuna TAVO Stroller Review by lifestyle blogger Still Being Molly

Also, I just want to say this to y’all… one of the things that I really take very seriously with this blog is when I get the opportunity to test out, try out, and check out different products and share my thoughts and reviews with you guys. I want y’all to know, I don’t ever share a review just for the sake of sharing a review. If I don’t like something, I either let you guys know flat out, or I just don’t even bother sharing it at all.

I would never, ever share something with you guys that I didn’t test out for myself and really love. And, again, if it wasn’t love, I’d share that with you, too! So, I hope you know that! I know I have a lot of other parents and parents-to-be who read this blog, and my goal is to do the best I can to thoroughly review and test out things that have been sent to me so I can honestly share with y’all my thoughts! I hope that all makes sense! 🙂 

SO, with all that being said, I’m going to sort of “walk you through” the features of the stroller and then share my pros and cons and overall thoughts with you.

I promise, she is actually way more excited about riding in the stroller than the photo below makes it seem… haha! Oh, Lilly girl. 🙂

They See Us Strollin' | Nuna TAVO Stroller Review by lifestyle blogger Still Being MollyI made husband model it for you, too… you know, because dads like to stroll, too. Also, he admits, he loves pushing Lilly in the stroller and Lilly LOVES when daddy does it. 🙂

Doesn’t he look hunky pushing a stroller? #theanswerisyes 

They See Us Strollin' | Nuna TAVO Stroller Review by lifestyle blogger Still Being Molly

One of my favorite features about the Nuna TAVO is all of the different places you can “open” to “see” your kiddo. The top flap is magnetic and you can open it up to see inside. (Peekaboo, Lilly!) And, when the stroller is fully reclined to house a sleeping kiddo or a tiny newborn, the entire back part zips open and a screen is revealed! SO cool.

When it is fully reclined, it basically works just like a bassinet! 

They See Us Strollin' | Nuna TAVO Stroller Review by lifestyle blogger Still Being Molly

Hidden sunshade to provide extra… well, shade. 🙂

They See Us Strollin' | Nuna TAVO Stroller Review by lifestyle blogger Still Being Molly

And can we talk about the basket underneath? HUGE. Fits ALL the things. Well, not all the things, but fits A LOT of things. It is seriously a massive basket and great for holding bags, snacks, changes of clothes, bottles, etc.

They See Us Strollin' | Nuna TAVO Stroller Review by lifestyle blogger Still Being Molly

The TAVO has an adjustable handle, too! You can adjust the handle for shorter or taller people. And, you can fold the stroller up SO easily just by pressing a little button on the handle.

They See Us Strollin' | Nuna TAVO Stroller Review by lifestyle blogger Still Being Molly

They See Us Strollin' | Nuna TAVO Stroller Review by lifestyle blogger Still Being Molly
Here’s an awesome video that shows all of the AMAZING features of the TAVO!

Pros of the Nuna TAVO stroller:

  • SO easy to push and has a great turning radius. I know this sounds strange, but the wheels are just really… smooth. It’s a smooth ride! It would totally work as a jogging stroller, for long walks, trips to the store, etc. It just would pretty much work anywhere!
  • Incredibly easy to open and close. It’s pretty much a lever and a button push away from opening and closing. You don’t feel like you’re trying to solve some ridiculous puzzle or Mensa quiz. Or something.
  • Adjustable handle. My husband is 6’2″-ish. I am 5’2″-ish. I love that I can easily adjust the height of the handle, no matter who is pushing it.
  • GIANT basket underneath to store allllll the things.
  • The seat fully reclines so you can use the stroller just like a bassinet for a newborn. So, this stroller can really take you from birth-toddlerhood very easily.
  • The sun shade folds out, then has an extra, hidden sunshade for even MORE shade.
  • You’ve got a bunch of different screened “windows” to be able to easily see your kiddo whether he or she is sitting up or laying down.
  • The footrest is also adjustable so you can adjust based on the size / age of your kiddo.
  • Feels and looks like a really high end stroller.
  • Not easily tipped over! This is HUGE for me. Like I mentioned earlier, our old stroller would tip over so quickly and it really made me super nervous. This one you would really have to TRY to tip it over.
  • Fits with the Pipa car seat for a complete travel system
  • VERY competitively priced. The stroller alone is not much more than the price of the stroller we got when we were expecting our first baby…

Cons of the Nuna TAVO stroller:

  • Price. Now, I know that I just said that price was a pro… but honestly it all depends in how you look at it. It is not the cheapest stroller on the market, but honestly, it is also nowhere near the most expensive. It actually feels like an EXTREMELY high end stroller! BUT, I put this as a con because if you are looking for a very affordable stroller, this isn’t going to be the one for you. However, I feel like in a lot of ways, you get what you pay for… especially with baby products! So, could be a pro, could be a con… all depends on how you look at it.
  • It’s a little bulky when it’s folded up. It doesn’t take up a TON of space, but I would not say that it is a “slim” fit when it’s folded up. It’s not going to be your smallest, most compact stroller option.
  • From what I know, Nuna is not available at most “big box” baby stores like Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly an online-order company. It’s available online at Nordstrom or on their website.
  • Doesn’t have an expandable “double” stroller option. A lot of strollers these days have expandable options. This one doesn’t.
  • Isn’t compatible (to my knowledge) with non-Nuna brand carseats. Some strollers you can buy adaptors and stuff to work with other carseats… I don’t think you can with this one.

Honestly… that’s really the only cons I could think of!

Overall thoughts?

I love this stroller. So. Much. My love for this stroller runs deep. I do baby wear A LOT (as y’all know), but when we go on long walks (which we LOVE to do), when we go to the museum, when we go out and it’s not a short trip, we always bring a stroller along. I prefer to wear Amos at this age and Lilly gets tired of walking… so in the stroller she goes! And this has really become a fan favorite and I much prefer it to the old stroller we had.

So there you have it! What do you guys think? Any mamas out there try any Nuna products? What did you think? What are your favorite baby products? Did you struggle on what to get when you were first registering? Did you make any purchase regrets? Favorites?


*This is not a sponsored post. The kind folks at Nuna sent me the TAVO stroller to review in exchange for my honest feedback. After using the stroller for over a month, I have really, REALLY come to love it. I’m sharing my review with you guys because I love telling y’all about products that are a big WIN! And this one totally is! Thank you for reading and supporting this blog!