LulaRoe Lindsay Kimono in Grey, Lularoe Irma tunic, Paisley printed LulaRoe leggings, The Root Collective Gaby Ballet Flat, Nickel and Suede Earrings, Tula Trendsetter Teal Baby Blanket | Mom Style | North Carolina Fashion & Style Blogger (1)


  1. So my daughter, Eve, turns 17 later this month and I’m still wearing comfy, stretchy capri-length leggings GRIN yup, they never get old. And I have to say, Molly, yours are far more stylish than mine ever were and, quite likely, ever will be 🙂

  2. I think you manage to look both comfortable and stylish in those fun leggings! I’m not much of a leggings wearer (mostly because I just don’t have any tunics) but after I had my first kid I definitely lived in all the stretchy things. It was summer then though so I could get by with skirts… this time I’m due in October so I may have to embrace leggings and other stretchy pants!

  3. I have never heard of those leggings before, and lately I’ve been seeing them all over social media. I wear the same black pair of yoga pants most of the week myself, so I can relate!

  4. With little one’s – keeping everything simple is key (to keeping your sanity 😉 )…love the leggings … you look fabulous, comfortable and stylish!! – Thanks for hosting ..

  5. Comfortable and adorable! Win-win, right? Believe me, you are definitely not alone. These days I am comfortable in boyfriend jeans, but on those days when a waistband seems like pure torture, I always reach for my leggings and a tunic. A cute pair of shoes and some statement jewelry and a leggings outfit look just as good as any other outfit!

  6. Yay for keeping it real! I lived in sweatpants and hoodies when my son was first born, comfort is key and i love that you represent real mums. I think you still look fab, glowing in-fact!

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