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July 1, 2016·

You’ve may or may not have heard me mention Project JUST in passing over the last few months. I discovered them shortly after they launched in December of 2015 and immediately was like, “THANK YOU! YES! THIS IS AMAZING!” I immediately included them on my “Purchase with Purpose” directory because they are making it easier for us to be able to learn more about the manufacturing, production, etc. of so many of the big name brands!

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Mary sewing at Wildlife works in Kenya

What is Project JUST?

Project JUST is a website that is dedicated to building a community to help shoppers learn the stories behind their clothes. The website features brand profiles researched by ethical, social, and environmental factors and a magazine of features including shopper profiles, neighborhood guides and styling posts to help people like you and me put our values into action. Project JUST is committed to fostering transparency in the fashion industry, and committed to growing a community of people who can positively exercise their knowledge, ultimately, championing the farmer or worker at the bottom of the supply chain.

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Women sewing at Mehera Shaw in Jaipur India

Think about it… as it stands right now, when we buy things thoughtlessly and without information, in a lot of cases, we may be unconsciously supporting practices that go against who we are. What if we collectively knew the stories behind our clothes, and could vote with our wallets for the world we want to have?

Fashion for Good: The Root Collective (Fair Trade, Ethical Fashion, Ethically Made Shoes)

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Meade

What if there was an easy way for us to find ALL the important information about brands (even the information they don’t want us to know), which better equips us to support the brands with positive supply chain practices?

Fashion for Good: The Root Collective (Fair Trade, Ethical Fashion, Ethically Made Shoes)Think about what could happen to the fashion industry today if ALL OF US were empowered with information, thus voting with every purchase, for the world we want to see.  We would ultimately be replacing the broken system of fast fashion with a sustainable, equitable model that ensured our clothing was just as beautiful in its look and its story. 

Project JUST is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, and your support helps them remain independent so they can continue to provide objective and credible research to consumers – ALL of us!

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Varnasi Looms via Loom to luxury in Varnas

A few facts about the Fashion Industry today:

  • Each of us throws away 70 pounds of non-biodegradable clothing every single year.
  • We buy 400% more clothing than we did 20 years ago. – True Cost movie
  • Many workers make less than one dollar a day making our clothing. – True Cost Movie
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Drying dyed fabric at Mehera Shaw in Jaipur India

Here’s what some of today’s biggest publications are saying about Project JUST:

Refinery29: “The well-designed site, which launched two weeks ago, is a catalog and forum of research on fashion brands’ manufacturing M.O. — plus their environmental and social impacts.”

Cosmopolitan: “Project JUST wants to make sure you’re buying clothes from brands whose look and fit you love …and whose manufacturing practices are as ethical as they possibly can be.”

Elle: “Project Just, currently in beta, is one social enterprise hoping to make it easier for consumers to see the full story of how their clothes came to be”

Sourcing Journal: “Some Americans are curious about ethical shopping, but the amount of information available at times makes it too overwhelming. Grillon hopes Project JUST will be a key factor in distilling that information so that shoppers can start shifting to better practices.”

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Well, Project JUST has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that is running from June 22-July 22 to order to raise $30,000 to to change the way we shop.

The funding raised through the campaign will support the work of Project JUST to bring transparency to the fashion industry in three ways:

  1. They’ll add 100 brands to their platform
  2. Publish 12 JUST Approved guides
  3. Growing the community and the JUST Approved symbol, a seal of approval for the fashion industry over the next 12 months.
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Woman carrying cotton in organic cotton supply chain from partner Loomstate

What about you? Have you heard of Project JUST? Join me in supporting them!

*Not sponsored. I love and believe in Project JUST and want to share them with y’all because  I want to see them grow and succeed and continue to help all of us become more educated consumers!!