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August 12, 2016·

I first learned about Grace & Lace from the incredibly addictive show, Shark Tank! I remember seeing their pitch and LOVING the concept and thinking their products were so adorable. Fast forward a couple years and my awesome friend Emily started carrying a lot of Grace & Lace pieces on her ethical fashion truck and boutique, The Flourish Market.

Once again, I fell in love with the company, the mission, and the clothes! Grace & Lace is one of my favorite places to get affordable and trendy ethical fashion pieces! But outside of just having the CUTEST stuff, Grace & Lace is also a company with an amazing story and beautiful heart behind the fashion. (Use Grace & Lace coupon code “stillbeingmolly” for 10% off)
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The founder of Grace & Lace, Melissa, has an amazing story. In 2010, when she was five months pregnant with her first daughter, she received devastating news that without surgical intervention, she was going to give birth to her daughter within 24 hours and that her daughter was not going to survive. She was rushed to the hospital and kept on bedrest for weeks and weeks, hoping to save her little girl.

Since Melissa couldn’t even sit up, she spent a lot of time doing things with her hands. One of those things she did to pass the time was crochet. She even crocheted her baby girl a blanket.

After weeks went by, she eventually gave birth to that precious baby girl, but the baby’s lungs were not strong enough to sustain her and her little girl passed away and went to heaven.

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After the unimaginable loss of her daughter, Melissa’s love for crocheting and sewing just grew and grew. For her, it was a nice distraction from the pain she was feeling over the loss of her daughter. In late fall 2011, Melissa made her first pair of lacey leg warmers. Everywhere she’d go, people would ask Melissa about her leg warmers and want to buy a pair. She then started to sell them online and quickly she realized she couldn’t keep up with the demand on her own and ventured to grow the company.

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Now, five years later, Grace and Lace has become a full-blown women’s apparel company with trademarked designs, a full design studio, a warehouse, and tons of friends and family as their staff. To make things even MORE amazing, Melissa has turned her heartbreak and tragedy into triumph and a portion of every sale from Grace and Lace goes toward building orphanages in India!

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In 2013, Grace and Lace made the decision to partner with Angel House, where a portion of every sale would go towards building orphanages in India to house approximately 50 orphans each. The response to Grace and Lace far exceeded their expectations and as a result they were able to build TWO orphanages in the summer of 2014 taking 100 orphans off the street! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

They are opening even more orphanages today! For the first time in their lives, these children in these orphanages now have mattresses to sleep on, fresh water to drink, food in their bellies each day, and a school to go to. They have backpacks and school supplies, uniforms, shoes, and bibles, and will now receive a private education. PLUS, the little girls also have Grace and Lace socks to wear. So. Amazing.

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One thing to note, since the demand grew so quickly, Grace and Lace did begin outsourcing some of their manufacturing from their in-house manufacturing to factories in China, however the factories are well maintained, clean, the workers are paid a living wage, and they never, ever use child labor.

The heart, soul, and mission behind Grace and Lace is so much of what I love about this company. And, you know, they have cute stuff, too… which is a bonus!

They’ve also got an awesome deal going on right now… you can get 20% off of their best selling items AND get a 10% Coupon to use toward new fall releases in a few weeks! Use Code ALMOSTGONE at checkout!

What about you? What do you think? Have you heard of Grace and Lace? What are your favorite pieces? 

*This post is not sponsored. I LOVE Grace and Lace so much! Grace and Lace has in the past sent me a few articles of clothing to style. Since I already love the brand so much, I knew they were also a great fit for my Fashion for Good series! This post may contain some affiliate links. Thank you for reading!