How We Wear: Tandem Toddler & Infant Babywearing (& Link-Up)

August 22, 2016·

Baby Carriers: Lillebaby CarryOn Toddler Carrier in Frosted Rose c/o and Lillebaby Complete Embossed Luxe Carrier in Brilliance c/o | Shirt: PACT Apparel c/o | Skirt: Renee C via Stitch FixShoes: The Root CollectiveEarrings: Nickel and Suede

I am a HUGE advocate for babywearing. It is truly something that I am so passionate about and love talking about with other parents! Babywearing has SO many benefits for both baby AND mama (or daddy!) Come to think of it, I should do a post on the benefits of babywearing! But… that post is not this post! Haha! 

Now, I have loved babywearing ever since Lilly was born and STILL wear her even at 3 years old! And, of course, since Amos was born, babywearing has been a huge lifesaver as well. In fact, I wear Amos even MORE than I wore Lilly… which is A LOT. Amos loves, loves, loves being worn. I wear him every single day! John also loves to babywear – it’s so great for bonding!

with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (2) In addition to wearing Lilly or Amos, one of the things I do A LOT is… TANDEM babywearing. Or, I guess I should say tandem toddlerwearing and babywearing. Or tandem toddler and infant babywearing. I’m not sure how exactly it is phrased or if there is an official term for it? 🙂 

I tandem wear the kids ALL. THE. TIME. It is the ONLY way I can go to the store… especially Target runs or grocery shopping, tandem wearing is where it is at.

with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (3)Whenever I am tandem wearing the kids, people seriously look at me like I am a crazy person or a circus freak. I will be walking the aisles of the store and people will just stop and stare… It’s actually pretty hilarious at this point.

I promise you, tandem wearing is WAY EASIER than trying to chase a toddler through the store and make sure she doesn’t knock down entire displays or open bags of chips I have no intention on purchasing.

with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (4)Here are three reasons I love tandem wearing:

  1. My Hands Are FREE! I can’t tell you how much this makes a huge difference to my sanity in the grocery store. The kids are snuggled up and contained. They aren’t running around destroying things. I can grocery shop in peace (for the most part)
  2. I get a workout! I mean, Lilly is like 36-38 pounds and three years old and Amos is 17-18 pounds and 6 months old and so I’m essentially carrying 50 pounds around the store. So, yeah… it’s a WORKOUT.
  3. Snuggle time with my babies and keeping them close and safe! Lilly is totally not a snuggler at all… but LOVES to be worn. Amos is a snuggler, so that just means I get to snuggle him more! Also, I don’t have to stress / worry about Lilly running off or anything like that.

Looking at a plane? Bird? Bug? Not sure…with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (5)

I LOVE the support I get from these LILLEbaby structured Complete and CarryOn carriers! I am being totally honest when I say that the way the weight is distributed, I am able to easily wear without too much stress on my back.

The key is to put Lilly on FIRST, and then put Amos on! Would any of y’all be interested in a video tutorial in how to tandem wear??
with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (6)

I promise, she actually does love being worn more than it looks like… 🙂 with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (7) with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (8) with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (9)

Snuggle time…with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (10)

My babies. <3 I love them so much.
with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (11) with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (12) with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (13)

Probably one of my favorite pictures ever. with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (14)

Sometimes they hold hands when I’m tandem wearing them and I am telling you… it SLAYS me. SLAYYYYYYS me. <3 Be still my heart.with Lillebaby Complete & CarryOn Baby Carriers #babywearing #tandemwearing #toddlerwearing (15)

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What about you? Are you a fan of babywearing? Have you ever tried tandem wearing your kids? What are your favorite baby carriers?

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