1. I’m loving your tunics – where to you get them? And how have I not heard of Lace Extenders until now? I’m a total LLR addict, but I work in an office in a leadership role so I’m always looking to “dress it up” with my LLR. Found you on a Google search and I’m so glad I did!

  2. What brand of flats do you find to be the most comfortable with leggings? We travel a lot so I definitely need comfy shoes for all the walking we do. Love your post!!

  3. Hi there! I am currently writing a post about ways to wear Lularoe leggings, and in the process I googled this and found your post! Great post, and I would love to use one of your pictures with a link back to your post. Would that be OK with you?

  4. Love this post!! I just ordered some Lularoe leggings, but I really don’t want it to look like I am wearing pajamas! These ideas will really help. All the outfits are adorable and look so put together. You have cost me a lot of money this week as I have discovered Grace and Lace 😉

  5. You are so fashionable Molly! I recently purchased my first pair of lularoe leggings and love them, but had no clue how to pair them! I’ve never heard of a lace extender before, but fell in love with how they look on you!!! I went ahead and purchased some on Grace and Lace. I’m rather short though (5’3″) so I’m worried the high low extender will be too long on me. Did you find these true to size/a good length? I sized down after reading reviews on the site (I’m usually a medium but I got a small). Thanks for posting!

  6. Hey Molly! Do you mind me asking if you get the OS leggings or the TC leggings? I’ve been thinking of ordering some, but i’m not sure what size I’d be, and we’re close to the same size. Thanks!

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