Cleveland Browns NFL Fan Style #NFLfanstyle #cg #ad (1)


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  2. Aww, you all are adorable in your Browns gear! I don’t get too into football (other than college–go K-State Wildcats!) but I’ve always been a big Kansas City Royals fan and totally understand rooting for a team when you’re terrible. Of course, the last couple of years have been great (hello World Series win!!) but before that we were pretty awful. So it’s always worth holding out hope!! 🙂

  3. Your daughter has to be the cutest cheerleader EVER!! Loving these outfits, even though I don’t know a single thing about football 😉
    Thank you for hosting,


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  5. Super cute! We are more college football fans than NFL and Penn State is our team! I remember trying to teach our oldest to yell “Touchdown” when he was about 2 and how to throw his arms as the “touchdown” gesture. It confused him so much that he would throw his arms in the air and yell “TouchUp!” Then he would touch the floor and yell “Touchdown!” It was very adorable and funny!


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