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  1. It’s been fun, Le Tote, but I am about ready to cancel my subscription.

    Unfortunately, the variety and the selection was great for about 5 months after I joined, and then I realized that I had run through nearly their entire clothing repertoire. I always customized (meaning I usually rejected the pieces they chose for me in favor of alternate items). I prefer to choose dresses since that allows me to create an entire outfit rather than having to mix and match with my existing wardrobe. I realized this month that I have tried just about every dress aside from some that were not appropriate from for length/age reasons.

    As B in SF said below, the selection is majorly lacking in season-appropriate clothes. I live in mid Florida so this normally is not a problem, but there are days when sweater dresses or long sleeved dresses are necessary, rather than one of the dozens of slip or sheath dresses they offer.

    Another issue is the fact that nearly all of their clothes are letter sized (S, M or L). This obviously helps LeTote’s bottom line because they can avoid stocking a wide selection of number sizes which would be more costly for their inventory, but for women who fit in the smaller or larger “edges” of a letter size, it can make the fit less than ideal.

    Most aggravating is the fact that I have been a member for about 5 months, and I have seen very few new pieces appear in the selection. You would think that LT would be adding new pieces every month, particularly for seasonal items, but you see the same pieces week after week.

    It is really too bad because I had fun at first, and livened up my wardrobe with plenty of compliments. I hope LT management sees this review because they really could improve this concept.

  2. I also wasn’t blown away and, as I really like fashion, was disappointed. The major problems I found was that Le Tote carries a lot of items out of season. It’s fall now and they still have primarily summer dresses. I contacted Le Tote and the rep said that it was to serve all areas of the country. I live in SF where the weather’s mild but a thin tie-dye slip dress still isn’t appropriate in November. Second, I think the pricing of the pieces to purchase is completely overpriced. Most of the items are maybe discounted 15% off full retail. These pieces are basically used clothing as multiple customers have worn them and a 15% off MSRP isn’t any value. When I looked around the internet, many of the pieces that Le Tote carries are often out of stock/sold out as end of season – meaning that they have been available for a while and are not up-to-date items.
    I really wanted to like Le Tote but feel like it doesn’t offer what I would want from a subscription service – current clothes for a range of uses that are available to purchase for a reasonable price. I found that customer service is not really responsive to customer concerns and basically send form emails as well.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for Le Tote. I tried them a few years ago and, like you, wasn’t blown away. I kept one amazing necklace that I still love today (I wore it yesterday!), but it was very ‘meh’ for me.

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